Saunahoitoja Ruka-Kuusamossa


Wellbeing consists of many small things! 

In Ruka-Kuusamo, wellbeing is based on the region’s breathtaking nature, clean local ingredients and working together. The body and the mind are in balance. 

Wellbeing means a walk in the forest, a cross country skiing trip in snowy scenery, skiing down well groomed slopes, snowshoeing amidst snow crowned trees and letting yourself relax in the sauna. And delicious food, of course. Small things with a surprisingly large impact.

Sauna and swimming

After an active day, it’s lovely to pop in a smoke sauna, dip in an ice hole, relax in a spa or enjoy sauna treatments by a professional.

Spa and wellness

Several wellness and beauty companies in the region provide different pampering experiences, massages, cupping and beauty treatments as well as hairdressing services. Care products are high-quality and made using local ingredients, if possible.

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki spa

Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa is a lovely tropical oasis during the winter and a cooling place for swimming in summer heat. There are several different saunas and pools.

Services related to wellbeing:

Ruka Beauty & Wellness

Day Spa Ruka Beauty & Wellness

SkiPatrol vastaa hiihtokeskuksen rinneturvallisuudesta

First Aid at Ruka Slopes

Rukan parturikampaamo

Hair We Are - Ruka hairdresser's & barbershop


Health Care Center of Ruka

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikin kylpylä

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa and treatments


Kuusamo Health Center

Rukan Salongin hitec-savusauna

Rukan Salonki hitec smoke sauna


Spa Services to your Cottage


Sports Massage Osmo Saapunki


Don’t forget these:

Yoga and relaxation

We offer yoga and other relaxation experiences in a wide range of locations.

Arts and culture

Food for the soul is served in the form of art experiences and culture destinations all around Kuusamo.

Sports centres

Ruka-Kuusamo has a selection of well maintained sports centres, both indoors and outdoors.

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