Autumn Holiday at Ruka 2023

In Ruka autumn holiday is winter holiday - experience three seasons at once

Also plenty other activities for children. Competitions, games, orienteering and art. Welcome to join us!
13.10.2023 - 29.10.2023
Ruka Ski Resort, RukaVillage, Nature surrounding us
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Start the skiing season on the slopes of Ruka and fall in love with the wonderful nature of Kuusamo

Ruka opens the first slopes with stored snow at the beginning of October. Start your ski-season at Ruka, get to know to the snow-how and check out open lifts and slopes for the autumn holidays. First cross-country ski tracks will also open in the middle of October. 

Welcome to Ruka First Snow Ski Trail! 
Ruka First Snow Ski Trail is usually opened in mid-October on stored snow in Ruka Ski Stadium FIS 5km ski trail along Talvijärvi shoreline from the smaller ski jump towards the crossroads of Rukatunturintie and Talvijärventie roads. Ski trail is appr. 1 km long to one direction. Ski styles: Nordic, skating. Ski trail is lit daily during 7.00-21.00. 

Ski school also open during autumn holidays. See Werneri-ski school for children.

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