Lapsi Rukan rinteillä

Family vacation in Ruka-Kuusamo

Ruka-Kuusamo aims to be the best family vacation destination in Finland

When children are enjoying themselves, joy spreads to the family. Ruka-Kuusamo has plenty of activities, both indoors and outdoors and from morning to evening, all year round.

The summer and winter weekly programmes offer a variety of adventures for the entire family, free of charge.

Winter fun for families

In the winter, Ruka-Kuusamo is a genuine centre for family vacations with a wide selection of activities. We have paid special attention to kids, especially when it comes to Ruka Slopes.

The most popular family adventures also include cross country skiing excursions with hot chocolate and doughnuts, children meeting arctic animals, such as huskies and reindeer, and a trip to Santa Claus’s cottage.

Indoor activities with kids

If the weather gets too cold or rainy, Ruka-Kuusamo also has a wide range of indoor activities for kids. Why not try the spa, adventure park, bowling alleys or an escape room?

Children meet arctic animals

Feeding reindeer, an action-packed husky dog safari or a sleigh ride with horses with the jingle of bells in the winter air are family vacation highlights in Kuusamo. Spending a summer evening bear watching from a safe watchtower is an experience a child will never forget.

Events and activities for families (free of charge):

Rosa and Rudolf tubing Ruka

Fun & Games on the slopes

18.12.2023 - 21.4.2024

Monday: Meet the Reindeers at Rudolf's Adventure Route

18.12.2023 - 22.4.2024
Rigel lumilautaralli

Tuesday: Burton Riglet Handlebar Race

19.12.2023 - 18.4.2024

Wednesday: Meet the Reindeers at Rudolf's Adventure Route

20.12.2023 - 17.4.2024
family park pujottelu

Thursday: Slalom Contest for Kids

21.12.2023 - 18.4.2024
rattikelkkailua rinteessä

Friday: Stiga sled race

22.12.2023 - 20.4.2024

Saturday: Meet the Reindeers at Rudolf's Adventure Route

23.12.2023 - 20.4.2024
Burton Riglet Park

Burton Riglet Park

8.1.2024 - 30.4.2024
More activities and events without participation fee are available in our Events calendar. 

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