Konttainen ja Ruka kesäillassa, kuva Teemu Lahtinen

Places to visit

Kuusamo’s most interesting attractions in villages and national parks

The most popular tourist attractions in Ruka-Kuusamo are definitely the fantastic nature destinations in the area’s national parks, with tremendous landscapes, the fell scenery in Ruka’s surroundings and the lakes and ponds in Kuusamo centre.

The history of Kuusamo dates back to the establishment of a parish in 1675. The municipality of Kuusamo was founded in 1868, and Kuusamo became a town in 2000. Kuusamo makes up an area of 5,800 square kilometres.

When counted according to the number of village schools, Kuusamo had at best almost 70 villages in the late 1950s. Nowadays, the area’s largest service hubs are Kuusamo centre and Ruka village. 

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Ruka village is full of live year round

Ruka’s car-free pedestrian village is a convenient focal point for your holiday, also because local public transport runs from there north and south.

Rukan kylä kesällä
Ruka Valley - convenient holiday home for families with kids

Ruka Valley is a new village centre on the eastern side of the Ruka fell. It is especially well suited for skiing and biking families with children or pets.

Ruka Valley - upea kyläkeskus Valtavaaran kupeessa
Lakeside views at Kuusamo town centre

Kuusamo has a diverse urban centre and a local public transport hub set in beautiful lakeside scenery. Kuusamo airport and Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki are also located next to the centre.

Kuusamon keskusta, kuva Janne Leimola

Traditions are cherished in old villages

We are striving to keep the cultural heritage of Kuusamo alive in old buildings and traditional landscapes. We recommend getting to know the old ways of living in northern Finland. Understanding the history and traditions of local people is one step towards promoting tolerance, and it offers a deeper understanding of your holiday destination. 

More places to visit:

Angry Birds Activity Park on lapsiperheiden suosikkikohde Kuusamon Tropiikissa

Angry Birds Activity Park

Place to visit
Ruka Beauty & Wellness

Day Spa Ruka Beauty & Wellness

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikin kylpylä

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa and treatments

Julma Ölkky

Julma Ölkky


Kuusamo Hall

Meeting room
Matkailu- ja kulttuurikeskus Karhuntassu, kuva: Keijo Lehtimäki

Kuusamo Info - Tourist Information

Other service

Kuusamo Museum

Place to visit
Kuusamon kesäteatteri

Kuusamo Summer Theatre

Place to visit
Kuusamon Uistin Oy/ tehtaanmyymälä

Kuusamon Uistin Fishing Lures Shop


Lammintupa Winter Village


Oulanka National Park Visitor Centre

Place to visit
Pohjolan Pirtti kesällä

Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari

Private restaurant

Rosa&Rudolf Kids'Club

Rukan keilahalli

Ruka Bowling Alley


Ruka Escape

Rukan Minigolf

Ruka Minigolf

Rukan kesäkelkkarata

Ruka Scenery Lift & Summer Sled Track

Place to visit

Ruska Laukka Stables

Matkailu- ja kulttuurikeskus Karhuntassu, kuva: Keijo Lehtimäki

Tourism and Culture Centre Karhuntassu

Place to visit
Ruka Valley - upea kyläkeskus Valtavaaran kupeessa

Village-2-Valley Scenic Gondola