Rosa&Rudolf Kids'Club

Kids'Club has an indoor playground for kids right next to the slopes of Rosa & Rudolf Family Park. A daycare in Kids’Club includes fun activities indoors as well as outdoors in sledging slope with a nanny. Book your place by using the caledar below.
13.12.2021 - 17.4.2022 9:30 - 16:30
Kids' Club's premises

Ahon Jussintie 7
93830 Rukatunturi

Kids & Youth Slopes

For children in full-time care, we offer the opportunity to go downhill skiing with our ski instructors at Family Park. We also have skies, skiing boots, helmets and toboggans/sledges for Kids at the daycare.

Kids'Club has two different type of playrooms, a resting room for a nap, and a drying room for outdoor clothing. Play area facilities include wall bars, gymnastic rings, a climbing rope and climbing holds in the walls. There is also an air yoga ring in the other play room. 

You can safely leave your 3 to 10-year-old kid in the Kids'Club with the company of knowledgeable caretaker nannies and ski instructors to enjoy fun games and the company of other kids. When the children play in the Kids'Club and have a guided outdoor activity, you can happily head down to Ruka's more demanding slopes on your own or take a well-deserved break by the hot chocolate cup.

Full-day Child Care

The full-day care package for the Kids' Club includes a guided day of indoors and outdoors activities, an entrance to Family Park and lunch. Lunch is provided in restaurant Ski Bistro. At the Full-day care program there is also a ski lesson with a ski-instructor. That is organized and adapted according to the child's age, ability, skills and coping. 

Full-Day care price: 70 € / child, from 9.30 AM to 4.15 PM

Half-day Child Care

The half-day care package to the Kids'Club includes a guided program of indoor and outdoor activities. If a child wants to try skiing it can be arrangednext to Kids’ Club.  (You may also book an afternoon care-time with or without lunch).

Morning half-day care 9.30 AM to 1.15 PM: 40 € / child, incl. lunch 

Afternoon half-day care 12.00 AM to 4 PM: 40 € / child, incl. lunch 
Afternoon half-day care or 1.30 PM to 4.15 PM: 30 € / child

Reserve a daycare place at Kids'Club

Kids'Club opening times from 13.12.2021 until 17.4.2022 weekly from Monday to Friday and in additon at Easter days also on Saturday and Sunday 16.-17.4.2022. 


Reservations in advance via the online calendar below, at least a day before, no later than by 3 p.m. After the registration is closed, you can ask for vacancies for afternoon day care (without lunch) from the Ski School office: 0400 101 636.

Children at Kids Club must be completely healthy, without any symptoms of the flu, or other illnesses. Please help us, travel responsibly and travel responsibly and in accordance with health guidelines. Read more. Welcome!