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Frequently asked questions in Ruka Ski School

Here you will find the answer to the most common questions about Ruka Ski School. You can see the answer by clicking the + symbol next to the title.

How do I choose the right course for my skill level?

You can find your own skill level by visiting our Skill Level Guide page.

The information in each group course reads to which skill level the teaching of the course is directed. We offer private lessons for all skill levels.

Is the lift ticket included in the price of lesson or course?

It is not included. For a private lesson or course, you also need a lift ticket - depending on your skill level, either a Rosa & Rudolf Family Park ticket or a normal lift ticket. The first beginner lesson is always held at Family Park.

Children under the age of 6 wearing a helmet get free admission to all lifts and Rosa & Rudolf Family Park with a parent with a lift ticket. Children under the age of 6 must pick up a Rosa & Rudolf lift ticket at the ticket office, which is free of charge if parent has a valid Ruka or Ruka + Pyhä lift ticket (not the Family Park area ticket). A free ticket must be picked up before lesson / course begins. If the parent does not have a valid lift ticket, the child must purchase a standard children’s lift ticket or a Family Park area ticket.

See more information and prices and buy tickets at the Ruka ticket shop.

Where do I meet the instructor when the lesson starts?

Our ski school has four different meeting places. When booking a private lesson, you will find more detailed information about the location of the meeting place. The meeting place is one of the following:

1. FAMILY PARK (Ruka Valley, East Ruka): The meeting place sign is at the end of the courtyard between Rosa & Rudolf Family Park and the Valley rental house on the side of the Bistro terrace.
Private lessons for beginners always start at the Family Park meeting place.

Ski School meeting place Family Park

2. VUOSSELI (in East Ruka): the meeting place sign is near the lower station of the Vuosseli 6-person chair lift and at the slope side of the VuosselinPortti rental house.

Ski School meeting place Vuosselinportti

3. PISTE (Ruka Village area): the sign for the meeting place is on the corner of the Piste rental house / restaurant, on the side of slopes and the gondola lift-line.

Ski School meeting place Piste

4. Beside of the terrace of the SKI BISTRO slope restaurant and in front of the lower station of the Mini-Ruka slope area (East Ruka): This meeting place is where  group courses start, such as English groups.

Upon arrival at the ski school class, lesson must be paid for (at the checkout in Piste/Vuosselinportti/Valley rental store next to the meeting place). The student must have a valid Family Park area ticket or lift ticket and equipment ready.

Do I need to rent equipment for my ski school course or private lesson?

Before attending the ski school class or private lesson, the student must have a valid Family Park area ticket or lift ticket and equipment ready. If you do not have your own equipment, you can rent equipment from Ruka rental companies. You can make a rental in advance through the online store. Please allow enough time for equipment rental before the start of the lesson, especially during the high season.

rent equipment online

At what age can a child attend ski school?

A child can take a group course at the ski school from the age of 5 (skiing courses) or 8 years (snowboarding courses). For younger children, we recommend starting your skiing lesson with a 30-minute lesson at the ski school.

Depending on the child, the appropriate age for the first lesson (30 minutes) is about 3 to 4 years old on skis and 5 to 6 years old on a snowboard.

The little ones first learn to move on level snow and manage balance as they glide on the easiest hill for beginners along with the teacher. We want the child to have a nice first experience of this fun hobby without getting tired during the lesson.

If the child is motivated and still has energy, the lesson can be extended for another 20 minutes (for extra price). The motor skills and physical activity of young children vary, in private lessons the class progresses according to the development of the child's skills. Most often, younger children on skis learn the snowplough turn or on snowboard the balancing and turning and speed control in a couple of 30- to 50-minute lessons at Family Park. After that, we move on to practicing descent on the slopes of blue difficulty, learn something new and also learn to use different lifts. After the lesson, it is a good idea to have a warm-up, a hot chocolate or lunch break and continue to practice what you have learned in the lesson on your own, before the next lesson, with a smile on your face. Make sure your child is wearing warm, weather-appropriate winter clothing.

On what ski slope is the beginners lessons and courses held?

At Ruka Ski School, learning the basics always starts at Rosa & Rudolf Family Park. That is at East Ruka, next to the Valley Hotel and rental house. In Family Park, lift rides have been made easy with the power of six magic carpets and the slopes are suitably gentle for practicing the first turns.

Rosa & Rudolf Family Park can be accessed with it's own area day-ticket (12€ / day / person, under 3-years old child is free of charge). All Ruka's normal lift tickets also give access to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park. Read more about ticket types to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park.

If you stay in the village of Ruka, you can buy a Beginner's day ticket, which includes use of the Gondol lift and entry to the Family Park (4-11 years: 20€ / from 12 years: 26€ / day. You can also use the local ski bus. Read more about Ruka-Kuusamo Skibuses.

What is the difference between level 1 and level 2 lessons?

Level 1 lessons and courses start from basic (for people without previous experience of skiing / boarding), while level 2 skiers and boarders can already control the pace and turns at blue level slopes.

If you have already some experiences but you are not yet able to brake and turn independently, the level 1½ is a correct description to your level at the beginning of your lesson. Level 1½ lessons starts always at the Family Park. You will need either Family Park area ticket or normal lift ticket for level 1½ lesson.

Can I wish for a specific person as my instructor?

You can of course wish for a specific instructor and we will try to fulfill the wish whenever possible. Send an email or call to us to request your favorite instructor for your lessons.

In any case, you will always receive a professional teacher with a certificate from the Finnish Ski Instructors Association (SHOry) or the Finnish Ski Resort Association (SHKY).

Does Ruka Ski School have any special offers?

Ski school Happy Hour
Check out the ski school’s Happy Hour on Tuesdays at 4pm, when we offer two skiers for the price of one for a 50-minute private lesson.

The offer is valid during the Low Season of the ski school: from the opening of Rosa & Rudolf Family Park – 22.12.2023 / 8.1. – 11.2.2024 / 1.4. – 5.5.2024. For the first beginner lesson only. The equipment at the offer price must be paid to the ski school / rental shop at Piste, RukaValley or VuosselinPortti rental before starting the rental. Not bookable from the online store. Please arrive at the rental office at least 45 min. before the start of the lesson.

What are the booking and cancellation terms and conditions for Ruka Ski school?

We apply the terms and conditions of the ski school services agreed between the Finnish Ski Resort Association and the Consumer Ombudsman, which can be found here

What employees' sports benefits are accepted in Ruka Ski School?

At Ruka Ski School, you can pay a personal course fee or private lesson with the sports / cultural vouchers mentioned below. All vouchers are personal and all vouchers you use must have a name written in clear handwriting.

  • Smartum (liikuntasetelit ja Smartum Mobiilimaksu)
  • Edenred Ticket Mind&Body
  • Eazybreak
  • Virikeseteli
  • EPassi (entinen Sporttipassi)
  • Tyky-Kuntoseteli
  • Tyky-Online

Can you get a faster access to the lift with the ski school?

If there is a queue to the ski lifts, you always have the right to take the lead in the lift queue with the teacher when you attend a course or private lesson at Ruka Ski School. The teacher guides you through your own gate to the front of the elevator queue and to the elevator, politely taking into consideration the other queuers. In this way efficient teaching time does not go to waste by standing in the ski lift queues.