Juuma Music Festival

Join us for a unique festival day where events are toured in true Juuma style on rafting boats on Juuma Lake.

Tickets: Adults 35 €/person, children (4-12 years) 10 €/person
Ajakka: Special Metalstein ticket: 10 €
27.7.2024 - 27.7.2024 12:00 - 22:00
Ajakka, Juuma Camping, Jyrävä Camping, Alajuuma Camping and Retki-Etappi

Myllykoskentie 30
93900 Kuusamo

Music Adventure
Juuman Musiikkifestivaalit

5 locations, 5 experiences in one day!

You don’t need your own transport – arrive at the festival site, and we’ll take care of the rest. The festival day starts at 12:00 PM and ends at 10:00 PM, with an afterparty for those interested at Basecamp until 2:00 AM.

The festival ticket includes entry to all event locations and necessary transportation between them. Secure your spot and enjoy an unforgettable day filled with music, delicious food, saunas, drinks, and amazing experiences on Juuma Lake.

Festival Program

12:00 Ajakka

The festival kicks off in Ajakka with a show by Metalstein, a new heavy band from Juuma. Complementing the experience, there will be food and drinks served by the campfire. Take a dip in the lake to cool off if the heavy music gets you sweating!

14:00 Basecamp Oulanka

At the Basecamp Oulanka shore, embark on a musical journey through the seasons, across fells, over swamps, and forests towards the unknown and hidden. Music is provided by Duo Junnu Alajuuma and Timo Lampila. With the trinity of space, audience, and performers, we journey from the earthly stages of Basecamp towards the heights of the mind, guided by rhythm and sound. Don’t forget to enjoy the delectable food offerings of Basecamp. After the performance, we move by ferry to Juuma camping area.

16:00 Juuma Camping Area

Teemu's daytime karaoke and live music create a joyful atmosphere. Burger Pop-up offers delicious food, so you can enjoy tasty burgers between music and singing. After the performance, we move by ferry to Jyrävä campsite.

18:00 Jyrävä Campsite (Stella Polaris)

The surprising sound of Jyrävä campsite resonates, leaving listeners amazed by the powerful sounds. This journey is full of surprises and excitement. After the performance, we move by ferry to Alajuuma camping.

20:00 Alajuuma Camping and Hiking Stage

The festival’s closing jams at Alajuuma and Hiking Stage are provided by Kitka House Band, performing relaxed music from the 60s and 70s. Accompanied by a solo set from singer and songwriter Sami Heikkilä. The beach bar with its terraces guarantees refreshments for every taste.

Afterparty for those interested

After the festival, we move by ferry back to Basecamp Oulanka. For those who are not ready to head home yet, the festival evening continues at Basecamp Oulanka until 2 AM with the beach sauna and bar.

Special at Ajakka

Metalstein heavy band will play several sets throughout the day. Separate tickets for this (10 €) are available if you are not part of the festival tour.

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