Terms of booking and cancellation of tracks on Ruka slopes 

Booking terms

Reserved track locations and reserved times are in the track booking calendar. There are two tracks on the slope, named A (left edge) and B (right edge) when you view from above. For sledding (SL), three tracks can be divided: A, B, and C where C is the middle track.

  • As a rule, track shifts are divided into two hours at a time, starting at 09:30 or 10.00.
  • Track reservations are limited to the following times: Ruka Opening, Independence Day, Christmas - New Year, Ski WeekS 8-10, End of March, Easter, SpringBreak, and May Day
  • FIS - the slope is in public use from the opening of the slope until May Day from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, and no tracks cannot be booked during this time
  • The track shift starts with track marking at the earliest at the start time marked on the track calendar and ends so that the next group can mark the track at the start of their turn. Unless later tracks are booked, the slope must be available to other skiers at the end of the course.
  • The warning signs required for track marking can be found at the top of the track it is the responsibility of the track booker to put a warning sign at the top of the slope.
  • At the end of the course, the whole team has to reshape the slope and flatten the tracks created by the course.
  • Gate sticks and other equipment must be out of the way of other users at the end of the shift.
  • Behavior and speaking to other customers should be polite, and any feedback should be directed to staff - remember that you represent both your sport and your team.

When booking, the following must be stated: name of the club/coach/name of the group, size of the group, age of the participants, type of sport, and telephone number of the head coach. The name of the team and the size of the group, as well as the name and telephone number of the coach, will appear online in the course booking calendar unless the coach's information is specifically prohibited. Bookings are made in the order of booking times.

Security and control

  • The team's head coach is responsible for ensuring that the track is marked to the reserved area and that the rest of the area remains free
  • The track must be marked with a sign indicating the area reserved for training
  • Coaches and all team members and equipment must remain in their designated track area throughout training
  • Dangerous areas where it is possible to enter the reserved track from another slope must either be closed with a net or a supervisor must take care of safety.

Slope rules apply on the reserved track and must be followed:

  • The skiers ahead have the right of way
  • The booked track course does not entitle you to pass others in the lift queue
  • The skiers must have a valid ski pass and it must always be shown on the ski pass reader.

Each skier/team must have the necessary insurance for possible accidents. SkiPatrol at Rukakeskus monitors compliance with the rules of the track courses. SkiPatrol has the right to cancel booked tracks and suspend ski passes for a while if the rules are not respected.

Cancellation policy

The team that booked the track must notify the cancellation at least 7 days before the beginning of the first shift. The notification must be made in writing by e-mail: ratavuorot@ruka.fi. As a result of an irrevocable shift, Rukakeskus Oy has the right to cancel already booked shifts and refuse future track booking requests. We also charge € 200 for an irrevocable course shift, which will be charged to the team/coach/group that booked the track.

If the weather conditions (severe frost), breakage of the elevator, or closing due to wind have caused the shift not to be used, Rukakeskus Oy will arrange a new place and time if possible. Rukakeskus Oy reserves the right to change track locations and times at the last minute if necessary.

If the team/organization that made the track booking does not follow the slope rules or practices, Rukakeskus Oy has the right to cancel the future track bookings of the team/organization.

In addition to these conditions, we comply with the conditions for slope safety of the Guided Sports Training Groups drawn up by SHKY, Ski Sport Finland ry, and the Finnish Snowboard Association. Read more here >


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