The new era of the Masto slope area

New slopes, Finland's fastest eight-person chairlift and an adventure area

There is so much new to ski at Masto! Now you can find the fastest eight-person chairlift in Finland and four new slopes, including the FunSlope with creative shapes and the experiential Tykkylaakso with its friendly snow monsters. At the very top, large RUKA letters stand on the best viewpoint.

By skiing along the new slopes, you can smoothly move to Masto, and then back to other slope areas. Experience the adventurous Masto among the first!

Snow valley
Ski-Inn MastonAitio

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Wellllcome to the home of snow monsters - ski into the magical Snow Valley​

In Masto's magical Snow Valley, you can get to know friendly snow monsters and visit the monster's nest - if you can only find the way there. You will find a fireplace in the nest; if you don't see any monsters home, you should look out the windows.

Remember that even if the snow monsters are gentle and friendly, they are also quite shy.

Create your own line in the inventive FunSlope

Did you hear the ice creaking? In FunSlope, imaginative lines, creative shapes, and experiential elements offer something for everyone. Ski on top of the ice and, at the same time, keep your ears open.

Kevät Ruka
Accommodation in Masto

The MastonAitio cabins are located in a quiet location on the east side of Ruka, near Masto's slopes and ski slopes. The cottages have their own fireplace, sauna, and a terrace for cooling off.

Psst We automatically deduct 15% off the entire accommodation price when the duration is at least four nights.

MastonAitio Ski-Inn
Masto slopes and attractions



The first winter of ages

The tale of snow monsters 

Long before us, thousands of years ago, there was the first winter of ages. Back then, the fells rose above Ruka, and the forests were filled with snowy wonders. As the mist and freezing wind embraced the trees, the first snow monsters were born. Although they may appear at first glance as snow-covered trees, a closer look reveals that life lurks within the snow.

Snow monsters grow from hoarfrost; they need winter frost, moist and foggy air, and light wind to exist. In winter, they ascend to high places, such as the peaks of the fells, where the mist lingers. Especially strong and giant-like, the snow monsters grow during the song of the snow cannons, collecting an abundance of frost from the air.

Every year, after the first snowflakes have descended to the ground, the snow monsters awaken from their summer sleep. They crawl out from the depths of the trees, and if you listen very carefully, you might hear their curious sounds, which turn into joyful cheers as the snow cover grows.

In the heart of winter, snow monsters can be seen most in the forest. They do not move during the day, but if you are lucky, you might see the monsters wandering silently at night. They are curious and observant of visitors but may avert their gaze if you look at them directly.

The gentle frost monsters have been whispering winter stories in the fells for ages. They love winter and strive to protect it as best they can. They hope others will do the same so that they can continue to live in their home.

As spring arrives and the sun brightens, the snow monsters slowly retreat back to their sleep within the trees and the earth, preparing to awaken again with the arrival of the next winter.

Snow monsters are like old, playful friends. You don't need to fear them, but you might find yourself at odds with them if you venture too close while skiing. Be cautious, as they occasionally like to play tricks and set traps beside them.

In the Snow Valley, you are part of the snow monsters' story; they want to share their enchanting and unpredictable world with you. Welcome to the adventure!

Title of the project: Ruka – best in the world for families and the environment
Project description: The "World's Best for Families and the Environment" project is a continuation of Ruka's previous strategic project units. The development of Ruka is also part of the Ecosign Masterplan created in 2003, which this project implements. The project will implement Finland's first 8-person Express chairlift, create new memorable slope areas, especially with international customers in mind, and increase Ruka's snowmaking capacity by approx. 50% with environmentally friendly technology. The MastoExpress lift will be Finland's most efficient lift, with an hourly capacity of 4,000 skiers. The project increases Ruka's ski lift capacity by 15 percent and the number of slopes by 10 percent. 
Information about the support funding authority: Co-funded by the European Union
Project duration: 31 October 2022–1 April 2024

Co-funded by european union