Ruka Info - Tourist Information

Ruka Info is located at Shopping Center Kumpare in Ruka village. You will find brochures and maps of the Ruka-Kuusamo area. We also provide information on current events, places to visit, attractions, places to eat and routes in the area.

Ruka village area has a wireless network for mobile device users. There is a small luggage room next to Ruka Info (7€/day, 10€/7 days per luggage).

Activity sales

Activities that can be booked on Ruka's website can also be purchased from our information point.

Lumikenkäilyä Kuntivaarassa, Ruka-Kuusamo
Fishing permit sales

We sell fishing permits for river areas. Upstream of the Kitkajoki river, joint permits for the Oulanka and Kitkajoki, Kuusinkijoki, Naatikkajoki and Rukajärvi can be purchased from us on site.

Kalastaja heittaa perhoa koskessa Ruka-Kuusamossa

Kuusamo Central Pharmacy service point

Ruka Info has a Kuusamo Central Pharmacy service point where you can buy the most common self-care medicines and bandages.

Ruka Gym

The entrance to Ruka Gym can be purchased from Ruka Info. Ruka Info charges 7,5 % service fee from each purchase that will be added on top of the gym fee. The service fee will be charged from 4.12.2021.

Shower facilities in Shopping Centre Kumpare

Women's and men's shower facilities are located in Kumpare next to Ruka Gym. The use of the changing room and shower facilities is included in the gym fee. Fee for shower facilities only: 10 €/adult, 5 €/child, 6 €/towel. There is no sauna in the shower rooms. The shower facilities are open according to the opening hours of Ruka Info.

Luggage storage for travelers, e.g. when going hiking or waiting for a late flight

There is a small luggage room in connection with the tourist information point Ruka Info, located in Kauppakeskus Kumpare in Ruka village. The price of the luggage storage is 7 €/day and 10 €/7 days per large bag or a few small bags of the same party. The space cannot accommodate skis or boards. Luggage storage is open according to the opening hours of Ruka Info (note possible exceptions in opening hours). 

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