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Memorable summer adventures in Ruka-Kuusamo: 7 affordable family activities

Published on March 21, 2024

The arrival of summer in Kuusamo brings countless adventures and activities for the whole family to enjoy. This land of national parks offers diverse options for hiking, cycling, nature experiences, and historically rich sites. We present seven affordable, family-friendly activities that create a memorable summer vacation in Ruka-Kuusamo.


1. Hike amidst hills and rapids

For hiking enthusiasts, the Kuusamo and Ruka area offers stunning hillside views amidst rapids, suspension bridges, and majestic viewpoints. The diverse range of trails includes options from longer hikes to leisurely day trips. The summer family vacation page features a comprehensive list of hiking destinations for families with children, ensuring there's an option suitable for everyone. How about the unique Riisin rääpäsy with its slope swamps or the accessible Könkään kuohu?

Head out for a hike – check out family-friendly hiking trails

2. Experience new cycling routes and Ruka Bike Park

Ruka-Kuusamo is a cyclist's paradise, offering excellent routes for every taste. In addition to nearly 200 kilometers of mountain biking trails, Kuusamo is developing an exhilarating gravel trail network. Fortunately, exploring the area's beautiful surroundings also includes short and easy family day trips, where the youngest children can conveniently ride along on a bike or in a trailer. For those seeking faster-paced excitement, Ruka Bike Park offers trails for both beginners and experienced riders. At the Family Bike Park, even the family's youngest members can practice downhill biking and cruise around the fun pump track for free.  

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Check out Ruka Bike Park

3. Play disc golf on the slopes of Ruka

Disc golf can be enjoyed both on the slopes of Ruka and in the center of Kuusamo. Anyone can throw a frisbee, especially since the style is naturally free. Playing is free with your own discs, or discs can be rented. If traditional golf clubs appeal to you more than a flying frisbee, you can also play minigolf in the Ruka village.

Locations of disc golf courses in Ruka-Kuusamo

4. Zoom down on a summer sled

The winding summer sled track on the front slopes of Ruka is a perennial favorite among families and a perfect way to add a touch of excitement to your vacation. On this track, everyone can decide their own speed as they slide down the fun track back to the village. You can reach the sled track by riding the front chairlift, and at the same time, you can marvel at some of Finland's most beautiful scenery. Instead of sledding down, you can choose to ride the same chairlift back down.

Check out the opening hours of the summer sled track


4. Viiletä kesäkelkalla alas 

Mutkitteleva kesäkelkkarata Rukan eturinteillä on perheiden ikisuosikki ja täydellinen tapa lisätä ripaus jännitystä lomaohjelmaan. Tällä radalla jokainen voi itse päättää vauhdin lasketellessaan hauskaa rataa alas takaisin kylään. Kelkkaradalle pääsee nousemaan etupuolen tuolihissillä, ja samassa pääsee huokaisemaan ihastuksesta Suomen kauneimpia maisemia katsellen. Kelkkalaskun sijaan voi halutessaan valita alastuloksi samaisen tuolihissin.

Katso kesäkelkkaradan aukioloajat 


5. Spot the local reindeer

Ruka-Kuusamo is known for its famous residents: reindeer! These fellows can be found roaming in the woods, by the roadsides, and occasionally even on your neighbor's terrace. So, keep your eyes open - nature is very active in the summer, and you can spot these animal friends almost anywhere.

Reindeer-themed activities


6. Fish in the clear lake waters

Feeling a tug? You certainly will when you go fishing in the fish-filled waters of Kuusamo. For a family outing, head to Piste Rental for a fishing permit and rental rod, and try fishing in the middle of Ruka village at Kaltiolampi. If you're in the mood for some shopping, visit the famous Kuusamon Uistin store, and while you're there, take a spin by the fish-rich Helilampi pier.

Fishing trips and permits


7. Experience culture and travel back in time

For those who love history and culture, we recommend visiting the Tourism and Culture Center Karhuntassu and the Kuusamo Local Heritage Museum. At Karhuntassu, you can immerse yourself in the region's past and learn more about local culture, nature, and wildlife from ancient times to the present day. When visiting the Local Heritage Museum, you'll enter a 1930s Kuusamo courtyard.

Art and culture in Kuusamo - where and when?

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Ruka Kuusamo river rafting
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