The Lumberjack competition in Käylä 2024

The lumberjacks are here again! In the Lumberjack competition there is plenty to see and experience for the whole family from morning to night.

The lumberjack competition includes log marathon, rolling, log whale and lumberjacks rafting competition!

Tickets at the venue: 15 € / adults, 2 € / youth (13-17 years), children under 13 for free.
13.7.2024 - 13.7.2024 11:00 - 16:00
Käylä village and Käylä rapids, river Kitkajoki

Sallantie 53
93850 Kuusamo

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Come to see excellent performances of lumberjacks

The competition will be organized on and around the Käylä rapids. There are three types of competitions in calm water: the log marathon, the rolling, and the lumberjacks whale.

In the first run of the log marathon, the competitors must turn around the buoy by a rowing boat, and then they must pull the boat back to the shore along the boom with the help hook-headed stick.

The second run is logging or paddling to the end of the boom.
The third run is a boom run with a dozen logs connected to each other by a chain. Access to the shore is preceded by running on the logs that are free in the water in a row. The last part of the lumberjack marathon is trail running.

Another type of calm water competition is rolling, where two competitors run with big logs, and each must stay upright in their own area at the end of the log.

The third type of calm water competition, known as the lumberjacks whale, is a speed race in which the competitors stand on a log and a hook-headed stick is stuck in the log.  The competitor then turns around the hook-headed stick, drinks water from the river at one end of the log, and then moves to the other end of the log.

Starting approximately at 14.00, the most exciting part of this competition is rafting on a log in the Käylä rapids. The competitors raft down the rapid with a log and the fastest competitor wins. At the start and at the finish line, the competitors must stand upright on the log, but all sorts of exciting things can happen along the way.

You are also welcome to enjoy our festivities at Käylän Korpihovi with two bands on two different stages. Tickets 20 €.

Käylä lumberjack competition is included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of the National Board of Antiquities

Käylä lumberjack competition is in the list of intangible cultural heritage compiled by the National Board of Antiquities.


See the video from the year 2009.