Shuttle Bus Rovaniemi-Ruka

Using shuttle bus service, you get to travel directly from Rovaniemi Airport via Santa Claus Village to Ruka. Shuttle bus is running 2.12.2023-30.3.2024 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please note: This is demand based shuttle bus and needs to be booked 5 days (120 hours) prior the departure time in order to make drive happening.

The timetable of the shuttle bus is especially planned to suit these flights:
Madrid, Iberia 2.12.-7.2.: arrival 13:20, departure 14:00.
London (Stanstead), Ryan Air 29.10.-28.2.: arrival 13:45, departure 14:10.
Barcelona, Vueling 2.12.-10.1.: arrival 14:30, departure 15:15.
Paris, Air France 25.11.-13.3.: arrival 14:35, departure 15:35.
Milan (Bergamo), Easy Jet 4.11.-23.3.: arrival 10:50, departure 11:30.
London (Stanstead), Ryan Air 29.10.-2.3.: arrival 11:20, departure 11:45.
Bryssels, Ryan Air 31.10.-30.3.: arrival 12:05, departure 12:30.
Milan (Malpensa), Easy Jet 22.11.-20.1.: arrival 12:15; departure 13:00.

Rovaniemi Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus prices:
50 €/person/one-way (Rovaniemi Airport/Santa Claus Village - Ruka or Ruka - Santa Claus Village/Rovaniemi airport).

More information and last-minute booking enquiries from Ruka Info: or +358 40 689 6802. Operator: Rukahuolto Oy/ Rukabuses.