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Ruka Ski Resort as an employer

Even the superstars come here for vacation – we get to enjoy these landscapes every day. Get to know the ski center's diverse work tasks and apply for a job in the fells!

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Our mission

Our goal is to be the world's best ski center for families and the strongest ski center brand in Finland. Measured in ski days, we are already the most popular ski center in Finland and the market leader in the ski center industry together with Pyhä. We want to keep our place as the number one and achieve the number one position as a summer center as well.

Ruka is skied more than 200 days a year, more than in any non-glacier ski resort in the world. Our strong snow expertise guarantees that the coordinates of snow can also be found in Ruka in the future.

The joy of snow unites us, and it is important to us that work also brings happiness. That's why our goal is to be the most sought-after employer in the industry.

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What we believe in

Cooperation – the most important of our values. We work together and share success together. Flowing teamwork and an encouraging approach to work are the number one factors grabbing the first places in the industry and bravely developing them in the future as well. Everyone's contribution is important so that we can succeed together.
Responsibility – In our responsibility work, we are a pioneer in the ski center industry in Finland. Responsible operation and long-term development of services have been our core values ever since the Aho family jumped into the shoes of Rukakeskus in the early 70s. We bear our responsibility towards personnel, the environment and society.
Enthusiasm for skiing and snowboarding – At the center of everything our company does is skiing and snowboarding, and we are enthusiastic about it, the owners included. This enthusiasm can also be seen; it's good to ski here.
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Many happy faces – We want everyone who comes to the fell to feel welcome, both our guests and our employees. We offer experiences to our customers with a smile on our faces, and it is best done when our employees are having a good time.

Who do we have at work?

We have a large group of professionals from many fields working for us. Some of us work seamlessly in tasks related to both Ruka and Pyhä, and sometimes move from one fell to another. Find out more about our teams and their work below. Perhaps your skills would be the next suitable match for our team?

Slope operations

The job of the slope operations unit is to keep the customers visiting the slope area satisfied. They also make sure that there is enough snow and that the slopes are soft velvet every morning. Ski Patrol as part of the team takes care of slope safety and first aid on the slopes.

Rental offices and ticket sales

The three rental offices in Ruka are the most important customer service points of our business, and they are served by a large group of professional staff. They know which lift ticket suits everyone best and know our selection of rental equipment like the back of their hand.

RukaStore and Ruka Brand Village

RukaStore and Ruka Brand Village, on the other hand, are staffed by a group of cheerful sales professionals who help find suitable accessory and equipment for everyone from our versatile brand selection.

Ruka Ski School

Ruka ski school and its teachers in red jackets are already their own institution – you can count on this group to find a skilled teacher for skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country skiing and adaptive alpine skiing. And in the summer for mountain biking.

Event team

The event team plans and produces memorable events for Ruka. The results of the team's work include, for example, Rinnehuvit, which continues throughout the season. Larger events on the slopes, such as the Polar Night Light Festival, Spring Break and Wappulounas, are produced together with partners.

Sales service Ruka Booking and Pyhä Booking

The sales service is staffed by a group of experts in accommodation sales, group sales, and tour operator sales. They serve individual customers as well as corporate, training, and school groups in many channels (online, e-mail, phone, and outbound) and help find Ski-Inn accommodations, lift tickets, and other experiences meeting the customers needs.

Ski-Inn Hotels & Apartments

Ski-Inn Oy is a subsidiary of Rukakeskus Oy, which is responsible for the rental and maintenance of apartments built with the Ski-Inn model on behalf of private owners, both in Ruka and Pyhä. The accommodation operation is thus run as its own company, but in practice as one business unit among others. This team includes e.g. hotel industry professionals working at hotel receptions and real estate professionals responsible for managing properties and coordinating property maintenance.


Our own marketing team works to ensure that customers find us, buy our services, and return again as satisfied customers. The content of our websites and social channels, as well as exciting advertisements in various media, are their handprints. They are also responsible for our online store, ensuring that digital commerce runs smoothly.

IT ja digitization

Digital platforms touch all our employees and, to an increasing extent, also a growing number of our customers who buy our ski center's services online. Our own IT and digitization team is our support and security, which maintains and develops these systems. They make sure that the connections are in order and the devices are working.

The finance and payroll administration

The finance and payroll administration team strongly supports all our other units and takes care of cash flow and its reporting, accounting, and salary payments.

Personnel team

The task of our personnel team is to promote a good employee experience in all our units. They take care of the functionality of personnel benefits, help with daily questions related to employment relationships and support personnel in the development of operations.

Management team

The joint management team of our fells Ruka and Pyhä, leads and directs the day-to-day operations of our companies in accordance with the strategy approved by the board.  

Why would you choose us?

Working with us is an easy choice for people who love skiing and winter – world-class ski center services are at your disposal on weekdays and on Sundays.

We employ experts from many different fields, but all employees have one thing in common – they have their own team around them that encourages and supports them. We do a lot of cooperation across unit boundaries, and when you come to work for us, you get well over a hundred new coworkers.

We develop Pyhä with passion, and we want the skills of the employees to develop as well. We regularly collect feedback from each employee, and we strive to improve work methods based on the feedback. Personal development discussions a few times a season are also part of our ordinary routine.


  • As an employee benefit, we offer all our employees a lift ticket to the slopes for the entire duration of their employment, both in winter and summer. Family members can also buy a season ticket at a very affordable staff discount price.
  • For sports and culture benefit, we offer the widely used Epassi mobile application. You can use the benefit offered through the application according to your own choice (the amount varies according to the length of the employment relationship).
  • When visiting other ski centers, you can use the staff card of the Finnish Ski Area Association, which gives you a 50% discount on lift tickets at member centers.
  • From our rental offices, we offer our staff equipment for daily rental free of charge (taking into account peak congestion in accordance with customer demand). You can also get significant discounts on the RukaStore and Ruka Brand Village selections, as well as on Ski-Inn accommodations in Ruka and Pyhä. At Pyhä, you can also get a staff discount on the PyhäStore selection.
  • With the area's common Ruka crew card, you also get staff discounts from many other companies in the area.
  • We organize several activities and events for our staff every season. You are always welcome to participate in Pyhä's similar staff activities as well.
  • All our employees are naturally insured during their working hours, but in addition to that, we offer our personnel leisure accident insurance.


For job applicants 

We treat the information you provide in the job application confidentially. The information in our job applicant register is based on the information provided by the applicant and interview notes. The job applicant's information will not be passed on without the applicant's consent. Check out our terms of use.

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Ruka is a responsible ski resort

One of the most important goals of our responsibility program is to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and the joys of snow.

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