Scandic Rukahovin mukava aula

Inspiring coworking at Rukahovi

Step into your office with a scenery!

Remote working has become more and more popular. Many of us are dreaming of an office with a beautiful scenery. We can make this dream come true! 

Remote workers are finding their way to Ruka-Kuusamo with desire to enjoy the beautiful nature in Oulanka, Riisitunturi and Hossa National Parks and the wide variety of adventures. Work facilities must of course be up to the task for work to be productive. Many coworkers work at their holiday homes, but sometimes a bit more privacy and peace is needed. 

Scandic offers remote working spaces under the concept of Coworking. Coworking space can be a relaxed lounge seating in hotel lobbies or more quiet areas based on guest’s work style and needs. Each of these has a specified price. Coworking package includes wi-fi, coffee and tea, still and sparking water as well as printing and copying services. There’s also a substantial discount for meals at the hotel’s restaurant. 

Scandic Rukahovin viihtyisät aulatilat kutsuvat etätöihin

Combining holiday and work

Scandic Rukahovi is located conveniently in the middle of Ruka village. It’s a perfect match of great sceneries and well-functioning working spaces. Remote work at Rukahovi lobby using the free wi-fi in Ruka village is free, but once guests take a look at the price and what is included in it, they quite often end up buying Scandic Coworking package. 

The basic package includes the possibility to work at the hotel lobby, and there’s an option of booking a private meeting room for a special fee. Most guests have found the use of Kaltiokivi Cabinet most handy since the cabinet is located right next to Restaurant Kaltiokivi. Guests in need of a more robust internet connection prefer the meeting facilities of Scandic Conference Centre at the edge of Ruka village. 

– We’ve had coworking guests almost every day lately. Many guests are combining work and vacation while staying at a cottage in Ruka area, and they need a quiet place and good internet connections for efficient working. And we also have remote workers staying at our hotel and using their hotel room as an office, says Lea Riekki, the Hotel Manager at Scandic Rukahovi.

Scandic Rukahovin hotellihuone Superior

Hotel room as an office

Many guests book their hotel room for a Coworking space one day in advance and then end up extending their booking for 4-5 days. This can be taken as a proof of the fact that the concept of Corworking is a success. Booking a hotel room as a Coworking space has been especially popular for the departure day, since guests can stay in their rooms until six in the evening. Many cottages have check-out times in the morning or at the latest at noon, and if the flight is leaving in the evening, a suitable storage for luggage may be hard to find. At Rukahovi the remote worker can use the departure day for efficient working and the rest of the family can still enjoy an adventurous day outdoors. Luggage is safely in the room and everyone can have a shower before departure. 

Coworking package includes coffee and tea buffet at hotel lobby, and there’s also a kettle at the room if one wishes to avoid crowds. Parking space is available free of charge at Ruka village and with a small fee in the semi-warm underground parking hall. 

Scandic Rukahovi

Inspiration from a new view

This article was inspired by Coworking in one of Rukahovi’s hotel rooms. Spacious table, armchair and couch were all comfortable places for working with a laptop. Beautiful spring sceneries made writing easy and fluent. The weather was a bit chilly for fully enjoying the spacious balcony, but luckily there was a warm spot in the sun. 

The atmosphere at the hotel lobby was surprisingly chilled and quiet. All and all, working in various places seems to bring inspiration and encourages to try various remote working places in the future too! 

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Published: 16.4.2021
Text: Sari Kumpuniemi, Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association
Photos: Scandic Rukahovi

This blog post is part of commercial co-operation with Scandic Rukahovi and Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association.