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Rukatunturintie 9 / Kumpare

Ruka Info

Ruka Info is located at Shopping Center Kumpare in Ruka Village.

Tourist information: Here you will find brochures and maps of the Ruka-Kuusamo area. We also provide information on current events, places to visit, attractions, places to eat and routes in the area.

Activities: Activities that can be booked on Ruka's website can also be purchased from our information point.

Fishing permits for river areas: Upstream of the Kitkajoki river, joint permits for the Oulanka and Kitkajoki, Kuusinkijoki and Naatikkajoki can be purchased from us on site.

Kuusamo Central Pharmacy service point: Ruka Info has a Kuusamo Central Pharmacy service point where you can buy the most common self-care medicines and bandages.

Ruka Gym and the use of shower facilities: Access to Ruka Gym can be purchased at Ruka Info. Please note: Access to Ruka Gym does not include shower. Access to shower facilities: 6 €/adult, 4 €/child, 5 €/towel. 

Ruka village area has a wireless network for mobile device users.