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Health & safety

The impact of Covid-19 in Ruka-Kuusamo area

Tourism operators in Ruka-Kuusamo always act in accordance with their values, responsibly and working together. We will ensure that the area is safe to travel and that here it is safe to be. Please help us, travel responsibly and follow health guidelines. Welcome!

Last update: 16.5.2022
Current information about coronavirus and travelling to Finland by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Guidelines for travelers by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Covid-19 coronavirus and guidance for travelers to Finland by Visit Finland


Can I travel to Finland?

Regarding entry to Finland, people arriving from outside the EU and the Schengen area are required to show a valid certificate of a full course of vaccination or proof of recovery from COVID-19 within the past six months, apart from a few exceptions. This requirement applies to those born in 2006 or earlier.

Entry into the country continues to be permitted without restrictions for residents of the countries and regions on the EU’s green list. Countries on the green list mean countries with a sufficiently good epidemiological situation for which the Council of the European Union has decided to allow free travel to the EU.

All passengers arriving in Finland are required to comply with the decisions made by the Regional State Administrative Agencies on compulsory health examinations and to present the required certificates as laid down in the Communicable Diseases Act.
All passengers arriving in Finland must have one of these certificates:

  • a vaccination certificate
  • a certificate of recovery from COVID-19
  • a negative test certificate (issued less than 72 hours prior to entry).

Passengers who do not have any of the above-mentioned certificates may be directed to a COVID-19 test. With certain exceptions, the requirements apply to all those born in 2006 or earlier. These restrictions are valid for time being, at least until 5.6.2022. (Source: Press release of Ministry of the Interior Affairs)

We recommend using Finentry, a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland and manage the coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

Is it safe to travel to Ruka-Kuusamo?

We do our best that it's safe to travel to our destination. Even in this challenging situation, we serve our guests in the best possible way, taking care of our personnel's and customers' safety. Past summer and winter seasons showed that by good co-operation and responsible behavior, it is possible to travel safely.

We've enhanced the level of hygiene and increased communication to customers, and we are following the instructions of the authorities actively. Each company will also give instructions to their guests on their own channels. Please remember your own responsibility as a client to to follow the safety instructions.

When travelling in the area, what should I do?

When travelling in Ruka-Kuusamo, please be aware of your own responsibilities. Follow the recommendations of the Finnish government. If you are sick, please stay home.

When moving around, please take good care of your personal hygiene, pay attention to safety distance and wear a face mask. When possible, buy services and products online and make table reservations in advance. Act in a responsible way.

Are there coronavirus cases in Ruka-Kuusamo area?

The situation in Kuusamo has been mainly calm. In order to control the spread of the disease in the area, there are recommendations for everyone to follow. Official updates about the regional epidemic situation at Finnish institute for health and welfare website

Are there corona restrictions or is Covid-19 passport at use?

From 1.3.2022 onwards all restaurant restrictions have been be lifted. Obligation for restaurants to observe the general hygiene guidelines still applies.

Please check current regional corona restrictions and instructions on local health authority's Covid-19 page.

Do I have to wear a mask?

For the general population regardless of vaccination protection the use of mask is recommended on the way to the coronavirus test and before the test result is completed if there is a necessary reason to move outside the home.

In addition, the use of mask is recommended at own discretion in public interiors where there are a lot of people close to each other for a long time (e.g. public events), also in public transport, especially during peak hours. Mask recommendations apply to over 12 year old persons. Take a look at the recommendations for using masks by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

What should I do if I have symptoms of flu?

Kuusamo Health Center serves guests in matters related to the coronavirus. It has provided instructions on what to do if guests develop flu symptoms during their trip to Ruka-Kuusamo.

Instructions when in flu

All persons requiring evaluation for respiratory tract infection symptoms shall be directed to the flu clinic for a checkup. Before coming to the clinic, you have to call the Corona helpline, tel. 040 860 0090 between 8:00 and 15:00, at other times call the urgent care clinic, tel. 040 860 8611. 

Where can I get Covid-19 testing in Ruka-Kuusamo?

Once persons with symptons have received instructions from the Kuusamo Health Care Center, they can book an appointment for a Covid-19 test at the flu clinic or an antigen rapid test at Ruka Medical Center Bene, appointments from +358 40 7077 123, or at a testing point at Kuusamo Airport, appointment bookings at If you have respiratory tract infection symptoms, tests are taken free of charge. 

Covid-19 test locations

If international tourists are required to have a negative PCR/antigen test result in order to be able to return to their home countries, these tests are available for tourists for a separate fee at Ruka Medical Center Bene at Ruka village and at 9lives test point at Kuusamo Airport. 

Where can I find information about opening hours?

Get inspired and check availability of different adventures at page Ruka-Kuusamo Winter. We actively update the list of opening hours of our member companies. Opening hours can also be checked on the companies' own channels.

Opening hours

Where can I get takeaway food?

Restaurants are open. You are warmly welcome to dine on site. We recommend making a table reservation in advance to ensure access to the restaurant at your preferred time. Take-away food and home deliveries are available in many restaurants.


Should I use the Koronavilkku app?

Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus. We recommend using Koronavilkku to our personnel as well as for travellers.

Are locals happy for the tourists to be there?

Tourism is an important livelihood in our area and a big part of the locals get their living from tourism. Travellers are warmly welcome to Ruka-Kuusamo.

How can one get to Ruka-Kuusamo area?

Ruka-Kuusamo area can be reached by car, by bus and by train + bus combination. Find flights to Kuusamo on Finnair's website. You can also fly to Oulu or Rovaniemi and take a bus to Kuusamo. Lufthansa flies to Kuusamo once a week during winter.

Are there events at the moment?

Please follow the situation in Ruka-Kuusamo event calendar.

Event calendar

Guidelines for ski resort visitors

We wish you a safe visit in Ruka Ski Resort. Our various units operate in accordance with the recommendations given by Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) and Finnish Ski Area Association (SHKY).

When visiting the ski resort indoors (rental shops, ticket sales, ski school, Ruka Store and Ruka Brand Village), please follow the unit-specific instructions for each location. Thank you for cooperating with us so that we can guarantee a safe and relaxing holiday for everyone.

Always keep in mind:

  • Please only visit us in good health.
  • Maintain the recommended safety distance. 
  • Remember hand and cough hygiene.
  • Put used handkerchiefs and disposable protective masks in the trash.
  • Buy your tickets in advance from our online store if possible.
  • Use remote payment whenever possible.
  • If you travel in a bubble chairlift and gondola lift between non-members of your party, we recommend wearing a protective mask.
  • Ensure safety distances. If you cannot keep a sufficient distance, wear a protective mask.
  • If you travel in a canopy chairlift and gondola lift between non-members of your party, we recommend wearing a protective mask.
  • We recommend using a protective mask indoors where there are a lot of people close to each other.
  • Act responsibly, follow the slope rules and the instructions given by the staff.

Staying in Ski-Inn Accommodation? Please read our COVID-19 guidelines.

More information: 

Ruka Info - Tourist information: +358 40 689 6802,
Mats Lindfors, CEO, Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association, tel. +358 40 0747356,