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Enchanting Accommodation on Nature's Terms

The tranquil feeling of the surrounding forest helps us realize how important it is to preserve the purity of nature.

Tourism in Ruka-Kuusamo is founded upon the region’s magnificent natural attractions. Hence, the promotion of responsible tourism is especially important for local tourism businesses. Through the Sustainable Travel Finland program by Visit Finland, companies can incorporate sustainable practices and responsible choices into their daily operations.

Magical Pondin talvimaisemaa

Magical Pond offers accommodation in glass igloos, appropriately situated by the edge of a pond amidst enchanting nature. Each igloo features a large bed, where guests can lounge as the stunning beauty of Kuusamo unfolds around them, each season offering its unique characteristics. With a bit of luck, you may even witness the sky painted with the Northern Lights, although the scenery is mesmerizing on its own.

– Our responsible approach is based on the idea that guests will recognize the importance of nature when staying here, says Sales Manager Anastasia Averina. – The calming sensation of being surrounded by the forest makes you realize how essential it is to preserve nature in its purest form, Anastasia continues.

The interior focuses on natural products and local elements. Linens are made of flax, the sink is made of wood, and the dishes are products of the local Pentik brand. The staff is also local, and there's a close collaboration with the nearby Lammintupa, which offers wild food.

Special accommodations are often considered luxury destinations that are out of reach for the average traveler. Anastasia challenges this notion.

– Of course, the business has to be viable, Anastasia states. – But we aim for an operation where both costs and revenues are reasonable. This way, we can offer an extraordinary lodging experience at a price that makes it accessible for everyone. That’s a part of responsibility too, Anastasia explains.

Ihanan kesäinen majoitus Magical Pondissa

The area surrounding the apartments is filled with wild, freely growing undergrowth and forest, with only necessary paths and maintenance roads cutting through the landscape. The igloos at Magical Pond also have windows on the roof. In winter, the snow covers the roof, and there are no heated windows to melt it away. This aligns with one of the company's principles.

– In winter, there's snow, which naturally also lands on the roof, Anastasia explains. – We emphasize the authenticity of nature, pure and unfettered. Even in summer, we don't plant any lawns; the environment remains just as it is.

Sustainability is also evident in the choice of ground source heating for the units. While it is an expensive initial investment, it pays for itself over the years. Patience and tranquility seem to be everything for the entrepreneurs of this magical pond.

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Published 5.3.2021
Text: Salla Karhumaa
Photos: Salla Karhumaa, Harri Tarvainen and Saara Rahkamaa