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7 relaxing summer activities

New things and new ways to do familiar things!

Suzana Paquete spent three weeks in Ruka-Kuusamo and tells how she found all the time new things to do or familiar things made with a whole new way. With the many unfrozen lakes and rivers, activities like canoeing, kayaking and fishing are great opportunities that you can’t have in the wintertime, just to name a few. And did you know that they are absolutely relaxing? At least I felt this way after trying those and many others.

So in order to help you find the ideal programs for you to have your deserved relaxing moments in Ruka-Kuusamo this summer, I will tell you my favorite ones and I hope they will inspire you to take a “light” action too! 

1. Sauna Yoga

I didn’t know what to expect from this Ruka Safaris special yoga. The only instructions were to bring a bottle of water and come in with shorts and T-shirt or even with a bathing suit. The place was small and cozy and the teacher, Hanna, spoke good English. The temperature was around 50 degrees all the time and, before we changed postures, Hanna made sure we drank water. It’s true we were sweating a lot, but it helped us to stretch easier too. At the end I even jumped in to the cold lake!

Saunajoogaa Ruka Safariksen ihanassa saunassa

2. Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa

Kuusamon Tropiikki Spa is always good for the whole family. Besides the saunas that are close to the showers (read the information displayed on the wall; if you are not a Finn you might not know that the bathing suit is not allowed in the sauna), you have a huge area outside. There are about three jacuzzis and other water massage jets. My favorite place was the Jacuzzi, because it was also the warmest one. 

Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikin kylpylä

3. Fishing

I fished for the first time in a lake in Kuusamo and have to confess I was never too interested in this sport. But after my teacher Mika, herder of Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm, taught me how to handle the fishing rod and I had practiced some time, I was so surprised that suddenly I caught my first fish! It was a pike, and since it was too small, we returned it into the lake. After some time looking at the water and seeing where there might be fish, I felt really calm and I think that’s why fishermen like this activity so much!

Palosaaren Porotilan kalastusopas vie sinut parhaille apajille!

4. Canoeing 

When you are not in a hurry and can enjoy your time without looking at the watch, canoeing is a must do. I did in Hossa National Park. You can paddle really slow if you want (that’s what I did) and pay attention to the lake around you, the landscape and, above all, the silence. It’s also nice to have a chat, and you’ll see the time will pass without you noticing it. I left the boat with the feeling that I was walking on a cloud or floating. Try it!

Melontaa kanootilla Hossan kansallispuistossa

5. Sleeping in a glass villa

Have you ever thought about doing somethings different from what you normally do when you go to sleep? Instead of closing the curtains, leave them open. Don’t count sheep, but real clouds moving in the sky. And maybe receive the visit of a curious animal right by your glass wall? Well, I did that in Iisakki Glass Village and it was amazing!

The views from the glass walls and ceiling were so beautiful that they looked like a painting. As the daylight faded, I saw the different tones of the trees that surrounded my bed. And before I could think, the sunlight woke me up and I put my mask to sleep a bit more. I saw the other people closed their curtains and just had the view from the sky. But since I have lived my whole life between walls, one night with curtains open and transparent walls wasn’t any sacrifice or bad idea, totally the opposite!

Iisakki Glass Village kesällä

6. Slow adventures

If your idea is to be surrounded by nature and have opportunities to forget about the word “stress”, we got you covered. In Taiga School you can have meditation and breathing exercises, have a walk in the nature or even have a nice moment at the lake with an electric boat that makes almost no noise! Of course there’s also sauna, a jump in the lake if you want, and resting by the fireplace. These kinds of activities that slow your life down, so that you can recharge and reconnect with what’s important to you, are also a possible at Ruka-Kuusamo.

Taiga Schoolin veneretki sähkömoottorilla

7. Dancing

If you like dancing and it makes you feel relaxed just like me, you can’t miss this place in Kuusamo where all music lovers go to appreciate a live band and make the feet move with foxtrot, waltz, tsa tsa tsa and other Finnish typical rhythms. It’s called Käylän Korpihovi. I went there on a summer evening and had a lot of fun trying some steps I didn’t know and observing how people are active and enjoy their lives here. 

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Published: 9.9.2019
Text and photos: Suzana Paquete; Brasilian teacher and blogger, living in Spain, worked in Ruka-Kuusamo as a reindeer herder taking part in area activities in August 2019.