Ruka Village-2-Valley Scenic Gondola

See and experience Ruka from a new perspective by jumping on a scenic gondola crossing the fell and admire the beautiful scenery of Ruka Village and the Ruka Valley. The gondola ride will take you smoothly from Ruka Village to the Ruka Valley in about 9 minutes.

7.10.2022 - 7.5.2023 09:30 - 23:00
Lift B, Village-2-Valley Scenic Gondola
Rukan rinteet ja gondoli

Experience the snowy landscapes of Ruka from above! The Gondola down stations are located in the heart of Ruka Village, below the front slopes and on the other side of the fell in Ruka Valley, next to the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park and the Ski-Inn Hotel RukaValley. The upper station is located at the top of Saarua.

Please note that the gondola may be closed in high winds, for example. Please check for any exceptions to the opening hours here.

You may also buy pedestrian tickets for your Keycard (one-way or return from our online store. You can also buy a printable barcode ticket by using the ticket machines located at the lower stations of the gondola. Pedestrian tickets are also for sale at all ticket offices (Piste Rental & Shop, Valley Rental, Vuosselinportti Rental) and at the reception of Ski-Inn hotels at RukaVillage and RukaValley.   

The pedestrian ticket allows you also to get to the top of Ruka by the VillageExpress chair lift which starts from the village of Ruka, according to the opening hours of the lift. Loyal customers of the gondola may also buy the pedestrian season ticket which allows you to ride both the gondola and the VillageExpress without any restrictions throughout the winter season.

Gondola with wheelchair or prams

It is also possible to get on the Village-2-Valley gondola with wheelchair or prams. At the lower station of the valley, a wheelchair ramp is located at the gondola exit gate. In the Ruka Village side, you need to get around the staircase in front of the gondola depart station and go to the entrance of the Piste building located on the side of the slopes. Our staff will be happy to help you.

Dogs are also allowed on the gondola.

Please note the opening hours: During the winter season, the gondola is open for skiers on Fridays for Night Skiing until 11 pm. On other evenings, skiers are allowed to the slopes until 7 pm. The gondola is open for sled riders and pedestrians from 19:30 to 21:30. After that in the evenings, it is allowed only for the pedestrians and only at lower stations.



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