Saarni Sirkus @ Ruka: Dreamer

Saarni Sirkus presents contemporary circus show that combines circus, dance and music in a thought-provoking and fun way.
4.8.2022 - 6.8.2022 18:00
Circus tent at Ruka Ski Stadium

Hiihtostadionintie 3
93830 Rukatunturi

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Saarni Sirkus esittää: Dreamer

”Dreamer” is a show that takes the viewer deep into the minds of the characters. In addition to the circus, the atmosphere is reached through singing and dancing.  What kind of lift do ballads get when sung on an 8-meter swinging trapeze?  The 3D sound world composed for the performance takes the viewer to another reality.

The Dreamer team consists of circus and cultural professionals with years of work experience both in Finland and abroad.


Thursday 4.8.2022 at 18
Friday 5.8.2022 at 13
Friday 5.8.2022 at 18
Saturday 6.8.2022 at 13
Saturday 6.8.2022 at 18

Ticket prices (based on seat location): 

Kids 4-12 years 12-14 €
Students etc 16-20 €
Adults 18-22 €

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