Piirpauke at Restaurant Zone

Finland's most popular instrumental band Piirpauke fills Restaurant Zone with their skillful interpretations. The band returns to the quartet format of their early days and performs classics from over the years and newer repertoire, which includes new arrangements of the works of Sibelius, Kuula, Merikanto and other masters of the golden age of Finnish art.

Entrance €3.5
20.7.2024 - 21.7.2024 23:59 - 02:00
Restaurant Zone

Rukankyläntie 13
93830 Rukatunturi


Piirpauke – Finland’s most popular instrumental band of all time. At the age of 21, Sakari Kukko founded the legendary band, which has been actively performing and recording ever since, with the exception of corona year 2021. Their debut album has sold more copies than any other instrumental-only LP-album.

Hundreds of concerts around the world  for almost 50 years! The band is one of our most widely toured instrumental ensembles abroad. In Central Europe for 14 years in a row, long tours competing successfully with the world’s top names – such as Miles Davis, Astor Piazzolla and Nirvana – in the same arenas.

During their career, Piirpauke has released no less than 19 studio albums and played hundreds of concerts in Finland and around the world. Over the years, the band has performed on the main stages of Pori Jazz, Ruisrock, Provinssirock and Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

The band returns to the quartet line-up of the early days and performs classics from over the years, not forgetting the Konevitsan kirkonkellot – the greatest hit of all time, which is still played especially in radio wish-list concerts.