Erja Lyytinen & Friends: Blue Christmas 2023

A concert for lovers of blue blues and red Christmas!
Rokkaava's joyful Blue Christmas 2023 tour is hosted by singer-guitarist Erja Lyytinen! This year's tour will also feature bass player Sami Yaffa and singer Mira Luoti.
8.12.2023 - 8.12.2023 19:00 - 21:00

Kaarlo Hännisen tie 2
93600 Kuusamo

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Erja Lyytinen & Friends: Blue Christmas 2023

The concert will feature the favorite songs of Erja Lyytinen and her guest soloists over the years. The program includes rocking arrangements and atmospheric interpretations of familiar – and slightly less familiar – Christmas songs. The trio of soloists will perform songs in a two-hour long concert together and separately, backed by Erja Lyytinen's trusted band. The concert is therefore a versatile coverage of blues, rock'n'roll and evergreen tunes!

Today, Erja Lyytinen is one of the most famous and respected Caucasians in the world
into the rare group of blues artists.

Sami Yaffa is a bassist legend, an icon of the rock world and an uncompromising follower of his own path, who rose to the top of rock as the bassist of the legendary Hanoi Rocks.

Mira Luoti, who started with the legendary band PMMP, is now also known for her long solo career.

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