The impacts of coronavirus in Ruka-Kuusamo area

Updated on 20.11.2020

Current information about coronavirus by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Guidelines for travelers by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Covid-19 coronavirus and guidance for travelers to Finland by Visit Finland

Tourism operators in Ruka-Kuusamo always act in accordance with their values, responsibly and working together. We will ensure that the area is safe to travel and that here it is safe to be. Please help us, travel responsibly and follow health guidelines.


Is it safe to travel to Ruka-Kuusamo? 
Even in this challenging situation, we serve our guests in the best possible way, taking care of our personnel's and customers' safety. We've enhanced the level of hygiene and increased communication to customers, and we are following the instructions of the authorities actively. Each company will also give instructions to their guests on their own channels. 

Are there corona infected persons in Ruka-Kuusamo area? 
The situation in Kuusamo has been peaceful. Official updates at Finnish institute for health and welfare web pages. Look for data about Oulu University Hospital catchment area.

When travelling in Ruka-Kuusamo area, what should I do? 
When travelling in Ruka-Kuusamo, please be aware of your own responsibilities. Follow the recommendations of the Finnish government and instructions given in (information system for social welfare services in Finland). If you are sick, please stay home. When moving around, please take good care of your personal hygiene, pay attention to safety distance and wear a face mask.

Do I have to wear a mask?
It is recommended to use a face mask. Take a look at the recommendations for using masks by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

We recommend using Koronavilkku app
Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus. We recommend using Koronavilkku to our personnel as well as for travellers.

Where can I get Covid-19 testing in Ruka and Kuusamo?
Kuusamo Health Center serves tourists in matters related to the coronavirus. 

Are locals happy for the tourists to be there? 
Tourism is an important livelihood in our area and a big part of the locals get their living from tourism. Travellers are warmly welcome to Ruka-Kuusamo. 

How can one get to Ruka-Kuusamo area? 
Ruka-Kuusamo area can be reached by car, by bus and by train + bus combination. Find flights to Kuusamo on Finnair's pages. You can also fly to Oulu or Rovaniemi and take a bus to Kuusamo.

Where can I find information about service providers and their opening hours?
Get inspired and check availability at Ruka-Kuusamo Winter pages. We actively update the opening hours of our member companies. Opening hours can also be checked on the companies' own channels. 

Are there events at the moment?
Please follow the situation in Ruka-Kuusamo event calendar.

Are there after-ski parties?
Restaurants and bars follow the official guidelines from the Finnish authorities. Please check the opening hours and events directly from the bars and restaurants.

Instructions for guests in ski resort:
Please take a look at Ruka Ski Resort instructions.

More information: 
Tourist information: +358 8 8600 250,
​Marja Mäenpää, Head of Marketing, Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association, tel. +358 40 521 5316,
Mats Lindfors, CEO, Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association, tel. +358 40 0747356,