Take a look at the Bike Park's routes in advance from the videos.

Watch short introductory videos so that you can choose the routes that suits your level and progress accordingly towards more challenging driving experiences. Routes are divided into two categories - FLOW and TECHNICAL.

You can view the videos when you click on the plus sign next to the route name.


Mainly machine- made about 1-2 meters wide routes, where the surface of the route is mostly flat. Includes a variety of bumps, shapes, tilted bends, and jumps which you can skip.  

Kuru 1 - green

Vuosseli 25 - green

Masto 30 - blue

Saarua 14 - blue

Kelo 9 - red


More natural, narrower routes that require technical driving, often made by hand in accordance with natural forms and equipped with different surface materials. The routes include rocks, rhizomes, and other more challenging sections such as jumps. However, some of the jumps can be skipped.

Ahonlaita 28 - blue

Masto 31 - red


The Bike Park has three different bike lifts - Village-Express chair lift, Gondola and anchor lift. Watch videos and tips how to use our elevators. By the anchor lift and the chair lift always have staff ready to help with the safe use of the lifts.

Gondola - Village-2-Valley

Please note that e-bikes must be placed inside the Gondola due to the weight restrictions of the racks.

Chairlift - Village Express

Chairlift - Vuosseli III Kulma

Video coming soon.