Cross-country skiing

Lots of well-maintaned ski trails for everyone

Northern Finland is one the most exceptional places on earth for cross-country skiing. The possibilities for cross-country skiing in Kuusamo are excellent. Most ski trails enable both Nordic and Skating style and many of them are also lit. Ski season lasts from October until late April. Ski trails are available for all skiers for free.  Also information about ski trail maintenance and printed ski trail map are free. 

Cross-country ski trails - update: 

Welcome to enjoy ski trails in Kuusamo! 
Ski trails that are open in Ruka: 
 FIS5-trail, Saarua Lit trail (6,8 km) and Ruka Ring Route (11,5 km). Ski trail is lit daily from 7.00/9.00, whenever needed, until 21.00. Nordic and skating styles. Kivilampi trail (5 km)  and Talvijärvi dog trail (1,8 km). Nordic and skating styles.
Nordic and skating styles. 

Ruka FIS 5km ski trail is reserved for competitors to use daily until 5.30 pm at the following times: FIS Ruka Nordic Thu-Sun 25.-28.11.2021, Sat-Sun 4.-5.12.2021 and Fri-Sun 17.-19.12.2021. During these evenings, from 5.30 pm until the start of the rehabilitation of the ski trails, the first snow ski trail is available to all skiers. 

Ski trails that are open in Kuusamo: The Petäjälampi first snow ski trail (1 km).

Ski trail cafes are opening hours below.  

All ski trails are free of charge and suitable for both Nordic and Skating style. On lit trails the lights are on daily from 7.00 in the morning and until 21.00 in the evenings. 

Check updated information on our ski trail online service (unfortunately only in Finnish at the moment but any track marked with blue colour means it's open and the date shows the last maintenance). 

Ski trail map for Ruka area and Kuusamo area (Traveller's Map) is available free of charge at Ruka Info, Kuusamo Info and hotel receptions. 

Ski trails map online

Maintenance: Rukan koneladut +358 (0) 400 328 055
Feedback about ski trails:

240 km of well-groomed ski trails

The total length of cross-country ski trails is 240 km, of which 40 km are illuminated. Out of these 125 km are located at Ruka area (of which 23 km illuminated) and 38 km around Kuusamo city centre. Additional 77 km of connecting trails to cottage areas etc will be maintaned during spingtime.

First snow ski trails are opened as early as possible in October. For instance Saarua Lit Trail (12 km) at Ruka will be openend as soon as there is enough real snow.

More ski trails will be opened as soon as the snow and ice conditions on lakes allow. The same rules apply in springtime: ski trails will be kept open until there's too much water on the ice or the ice cover becomes too thin. 

Ski trails allow both Nordic and Skating skiing styles. Levels of difficulty in the printed ski trail map: Blue = easy, red = medium difficulty, black = difficult. Please note: Unofficial ski trails combining marked ski trails to cottage areas are maintaned by realty owners. 

Other ski trails in Kuusamo

Oulanka National Park Wilderness Route, medium difficulty 26 km: Kiutaköngäs–Juuma. Route is flattened once a week by snowmobile. No ski tracks. More details: Oulanka Visitor Centre, +358 206 39 6850.

Karhunkierros Wilderness Ski Ttrail 50 km is a combination of four stages: 
Ruka-Valtavaara-Virkkula, 10 km ski trail. Snowshoeing, backcountry skiing and fatbiking not allowed.
Virkkula-Juuma, 14 km ski trail. Snowshoeing and backcountry skiing (with wider skis) are permitted next to Nordic skiing track. Fat biking not allowed. 
Juuma-Kiutaköngäs (Oulanka wilderness trail), 26 km, no track for skiers. Snowshoeing, fatbiking and backcountry skiing allowed.
Suorajärven latu, 10 km maintaned ski trail (Nordic, Skating). Snowshoeing, backcountry skiing and fatbiking not allowed. 
Karhunkierros Wilderness Trail maintenace: Oulanka National Park Wilderness Route (see above) will be maintaned February-April. Other stages will be maintaned according to snowfall January-April. 

Lit trails in Kuusamo area residential areas: Kemilä, Kurkijärvi, Käylä, Maaselkä, Nuorisokeskus Oivanki (lit during 17-20, temperature limit -18 C), Poussu, Puutteenkylä (spring skiing only), Sossonniemi, Vasaraperä and Vuotunki. Maintenance is done by locals with a ski mobile. Skiing style varies depending on the area (Nordic, Skating or both).  

Ruka area ski trail maintenance schedule

Ski trails in Ruka area: Saarua Lit Trail, Ruka Ring Route, Vuosseli Route Ski trails, Valtavaara Route, Talvijärvi Dog Trail Ski trails, Pyhävaara Route, Kuontivaara Route (dog trail), Ski Stadium Trails Ski trails: Ski trails are maintained within 12 hours after snowfall and daily during 20.2.- 15.4. Saarua Lit Trail, Ruka Ring Route and Ruka Ski Stadium 5 km track will be maintained daily during 20.12-6.1; Ruka Ring Route twice a day during snowfall (in the morning and afternoon). Other routes will be maintained usually on Thursday or Friday. In case of a snowfall the trails will be maintained after the snowfall has ended.

Ski Trails maps and maintenance online

​Alakylä Ski Trail
Alakylä Ski Trail will be maintained when needed 4-5 times per week, within 12 hours after snowfall. Appr. 2 km section from Konttaisjärvi lake to Rytilampi Pond has been removed from the ski trail in spring 2020. Alakylä Ski Trail is now maintaned from Talvijärvi lake to Konttaisjärvi lake as "there and back" route. There's another 2 km section from Konttaisjärvi lake to the southern side of Ala-Pessari lake. The length of Alakylä Ski Trail is appr. 20 km when each of these sections are skied there and back. 

Ski trail cafes

Cafe owners: please send your opening hours to info(at) or call Ruka Info, tel +358 8 8600 250. We reserve the right for changes in opening hours.
Keep in mind the restaurants and cafes in Ruka village and slope area: 
Ruka village: Restaurant Piste, Lobby Bar Scandic Rukahovi, Hanki Baari, Zone, Colorado, Pitäjän Pirtti and many other restaurants in the village.
Ruka slopes: Ruka Peak, Ski Pub Vuosseli, Ski Bistro, Ski Booster, Monomesta, Rukatonttu

Ski trail etiquette

We advice you to choose your trail according to you skills and physical condition. Check the ski trail information at online ski trail maintenance service.  

Follow the adviced skiing directions. Stay on the right side of the trail, pass on the left. Exeptions on the skiing directions are marked on the ski trail map. Be polite: faster, stronger and more skilled skier is always the one giving way to others. When skiing Nordic style and passing other skiers, use the skating trail or Nordic style track on the left side of the ski trail (if not occupied). Please do not stop on the ski trail especially in downhill sections.

In Finland ski trails are available for skiing only, unless otherwise clearly stated. Riding snowmobiles or fatbikes, walking, walking your dog, sledging or snowshoeing are not allowed on ski trails (and Finns will find you unpolite if doing any of these). The only exception for using ski trails with your dog is skiing with your dog on such ski trails that allow it. Dogs must be in leash and you must take care of the dog droppings on and near the ski trails. 

Car parking areas along ski trails in Ruka area

Talvijärventie and Hiihtostadionintie crossroads (for Stadium, Talvijärvi, Salmilampi, Alakylä, Pyhävaara and Kuontivaara ski trails)
Rukatunturintie and Rukajärventie crossroads (for Saarua, Ruka ring, Pyhävaara and Kuontivaara ski trails)
Masto and Vuosseli slopes parking areas along Vuosselintie road (for Saarua, Vuosseli and Valtavaara ski trails)
Parking area along Vuosselinrinne road (for Vuosseli ski trail and Ruka Ring Route). Please note: parking is not along the small "cottage roads" in the area.
Please note: Rukanportti (RukaKo, Sale Ruka, Ruka Adventures) parking areas are reserved for customers visiting these premises. Parking is not allowed along roads. See all parking areas at Ruka. Please keep in mind Ruka Ski Bus - free of charge with a valid ski pass.

Skiing with your dog

There are four routes in Ruka-Kuusamo are that allow dogs:
Talvijärvi dog trail 2 km (Ruka)
Kuontivaara route 20 km (Ruka); this track can be skied to both directions, so a shorter route is also possible.
Kuusamo ring route 17 km (Kuusamo)
Toranki ring route 7,5 km (Kuusamo)
The owner of the dog must take care of dog droppings. Dogs must not cause disturbance to other skiers or break the surface of the Nordic skiing track. Dogs must be kept in leash. 

Walking allowed on certain ski trails

Walking is allowed on the side of the following parts of the ski trails:
Kuusamo ring route: Kolvankijoki bridge - Sport centre - Kirkkosaari bridge - Tolpanniementie
Talvijärvi dog ski trail at Ruka
There are signs for walking on the ski trails.

Cross-country skiing events and competitions

Ruka-Kuusamo hosts a number of cross-country skiing events, for example the FIS Ruka Nordic World Cup Opening. You can also take part in certain events such as the "Border to Border" skiing excursion - the longest in the whole world (444 km). The route starts in Kuusamo close to the eastern border and ends in Sweden at the City of Haparanda, just across the western border of Finland. See Event calendar for more information. 

If you don't have your own cross-country skiing equipment, our ski rental shops are glad to help you with the right equipment!