Northern biking ventures

Northern biking - suitable for everyone

Ruka-Kuusamo’s pure nature and the diverse repertory of trails make the biking conditions invincible. Some trails require technical expertise, some are suitable for beginners.

Around and nearby Ruka Bike Park one can ride along various routes in spectacular landscapes. Just jump on a bike and let it roll! Please note: Ruka Bike Park will be ready during autumn 2021. 

Ruka Bike Park 

Mountain biker at sunset at Ruka Ski Resort, Ruka-Kuusamo

Bike rentals and guided bike trips

Take a look at Piste Rental Shop summer online rentals. Bike rentals located in Ruka area: Piste Rental ShopSport House RukaHill Ski RentRuka SafarisRukapalvelu and near Kuusamo centre Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki.

There is a bike washing spot at the slopeside end of Piste building (near the chair lift) and charging spot for e-bikes next to Tykky Scenery Tower. Four most common chargers for e-bikes are free for use. 

We've listed all of the services that can be booked online. See all activity providers >

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Northern biking - lift to the top

You can take your bike up to the top of Ruka during summer with the VillageExpress chairlift and Village-2-Valley gondola. See the lift ticket prices for bikers and summer opening hours.

More information about downhill routes and riding buddies available in Facebook group Ruka Freeriders.

Bike trails at Ruka and Kuusamo

The whole Kuusamo area consists of about 180 km of bike trails. These trails are presented in the Ruka Bike Park Brochure and online map

More information about bike trails is available at Ruka Info. There are also other users on ski resort routes (including maintenance vehicles), so please be cautious.

New and improved routes during summer 2021: 

After renovation during winter 2020-2021 and summer 2021 Pyhän Jyssäys Trail is now allowed for biking year round. Please note: The last wide boardwalks will be built along Pyhän Jyssäys during summer 2021. Please stay on the boardwalks and avoid moving around them to protect the vulnerable species in the moist sections of the trail. Fatbiking is allowed during winter in Pyhävaara area along Hirsilampi Winter Trail

Valtavaara Trail has also been renovated during winter 2020-2021, but unfortunately biking has been forbidden in Valtavaara due to erosion on the vulnerable areas. 

Oulanka National Park & Karhunkierros hiking route: Biking is officially allowed on the section Oulanka Visitor Centre - Taivalköngäs, but due to the amount of hikers on the Karhunkierros route biking is not recommended. Biking is forbidden elsewhere in Oulanka National Park. During the winter fatbikes are allowe along Oulanka wilderness Trail

Juhannuskallio is a protected area, where biking is totally forbidden year round. 

More information about bike trails on protected areas at Oulanka Visitor Centre, 0206 396 850,

More information about bike trails in Ruka and Kuusamo is available at the online route listing below (please use the filter for bike trails).

Northern biking - wonderful vacation on wheels

Besides Ruka Bike Park trails nothern biking offers great bike events and adventures on wheels year round. 

Northern biking - ride on your own, feel together

Riding a bike at Ruka and Kuusamo is great fun no matter who you travel with. Comfortable lodgings, local delicacies and a great variety of summer adventures in the best company make your stay memorable. 

Biking at Hossa

Hossa has a great variety of trails year round. 

Hossa Bike Trails

Bike trails of Syöte

Old forests and hanging bogs of Syöte offer a lot of great trails for biking all year round. 

Syöte Bike Trails


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