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Kuusamo offers great surroundings for snowmobile safaris!

Finland is one of the most unrestricted areas in the world for snowmobile vacations: anyone with a driving licence can rent a skidoo or take part some of several snowmobile programmes and enjoy hundreds of kilometres of prepared snow tracks.

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Snowmobile Routes in Ruka and Kuusamo

The total distance covered by marked, free-of-charge snowmobile routes in Kuusamo is 500 km. This network is connected to the routes in Taivalkoski, Posio and Salla (special fee for these areas by Metsähallitus). Please keep in mind that snowmobiling is allowed only on marked routes. 

Updates for winter 2021-2022:
Snowmobile routes are open approx 71 km. More information about exact routes in the link below.

Snowmobile Route Maintenance Online (in Finnish)

Instructions for reading the maintenance map: The routes in the list may be overlapping. Short routes (pisto) are mainly parts of longer routes. These parts have been maintaned in the beginning of the season, when maintenance of the whole route has not yet been possible. Once the whole route is maintaned, the shorter route details are no longer updated.

Ruka area has several crossroads where roads, snowmobile routes and ski trails interact. Please be extra careful in crossroads and tunnels! 
Ritakorpi/Multasniemi: Official snowmobile route crosses with unofficial sled dog trail. Please make sure you are on the correct route! 
You can support the maintenance of Ruka-Kuusamo snowmobile routes by paying a voluntary snowmobile route fee 40 €. One fee will cover the costs of maintennace for appr. 2 km section. 
Local club Kuusamon Moottorikelkkailijat ry has built a fine barbecue hut at the crossroads of Ritakorpi (crossroads off routes to airport/Suinkinki/Ruka) during summer 2020. 

Stay on track and keep safe

Riding a snowmobile on off-road terrain is always subject to permission from the land-owner. 
No special permit is required for riding on official snowmobile routes and iced-over waterways. 
Riding on snowmobile tracks managed by the Finnish forest administration authority Metsähallitus requires a snowmobile track permit issued by Metsähallitus. 
A snowmobile is a vehicle that is subject to a specific set of traffic rules. Knowing these rules and complying with them is the basic precondition for safe snowmobile riding. 
Rules and snowmobiling etiquette available by Liikenneturva >

Freeride snowmobiling in Kuusamo

Kuusamon yhteismetsä is selling permits for freeriding on two locations, Jokilampi and Martiluoma. Freeride permission is 30 €/day. Permits are available at the office of Kuusamon yhteismetsä (Kitkantie 21, Kuusamo centre, open Mon-Fri at 8-16) or by phone +358 40 750 0026 (Arja Mustonen) or by e-mail Permissions and maps are available only in Finnish but you will get adequate instructions in English too. Access to the freeride areas by snowmobile and by car. 

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