Explore the wonders of nature

The best way to explore the exotic features of the North is to go hiking. The hiking routes provide a splendid setting for discovering the small and great secrets of nature. 

Koiran kanssa on mukavaa patikoida Valtavaaralla, Ruka-Kuusamo

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Day trip trails and long hikes

Karhunkierros is the famous hiking route in Finland, but there are plenty of other trails and nature sites in Kuusamo. Canyons, rivers, rapids, forests and fjells invite hikers for shorter and longer trips. 

Our free of charge Ruka-Kuusamo Traveller's Map is available at Ruka Info, Kuusamo Info and hotel receptions (also in the entrances of local super markets during the summer). 

All hiking trails mentioned on this page are also available during winter, except Valtavaara trail traveling partly on top of a ski trail. There are separate snowshoeing trails to Valtavaara during winter, too. 

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Unique nature of the Oulanka National Park

The sceneries and flora of the Oulanka National Park represent a unique river valley nature. Most of the national park is covered by old forests, offering a great setting for multiple rare species such as the Golden Eagle and Calypso Orchid. 

You can combine hiking with berry picking or fishing. Please keep in mind rules and regulations; no motorized vehicles allowed in the trails of the park. Everyman's Rights apply on hiking routes too. 


80 kilometres of memorable sceneries in the Oulanka National Park.

Pieni Karhunkierros

The best parts of the Oulanka National Park along Kitka river.


Experience the charm of the rugged Oulanka river canyon. 

Ruka area

Ruka routes

Ruka area offers a lot of marked daytrip trails: Ruka round route, Rukatunturi route, Salmilamminkylä trail, Valkeisenvaara, Kalliolampi, and Kivilampi. All these (except Rukatunturi route) serve as ski trails during the winter. You can easily access the peak of Ruka by the Scenery Lift during the summer months. Here are a couple of tasters of the routes in Ruka area. 

Ruka Easy Access

The sceneries of Ruka surroundings with only a short hike. 

Valtavaaran huiputus

Experience the most demanding parts of Karhunkierros trail. 

Konttainen trail

Admire the most beautiful sunset over the great Kitka lakes.

Pyhän jyssäys

Get a new perspective to the views of Ruka area. 

New for winter 2020-2021: Lammintupa Winter trail for fatbikers and walkers, 6 km

Lammintupa trail takes you from Uuttusuo ski trail Cafe to Lammintupa and back. This trail is available for bikers and walkers. This trail can be accessed via pedestrian routes from Ruka village and RukaValley (last section before Uuttusuo cafe travels along Vuosselinrinne road). Lammintupa offers a variety of joys such as delicacies at the cafe, reindeer sled rides, husky safaris and ice karting.  

All hiking trails

Sustainable hiking and camping

In order to help you understand and remember the everyday tips for sustainable travelling, we have gathered a video guidebook called the Traveller's Etiquette to the Land of National Parks.


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