Adventures year round

Holiday time all the time

No matter what time of the year it is - there's always something interesting to do and see at Ruka-Kuusamo. There's an abundance of reindeer, huskies, rare birds and other arctic animals in our area. Huskies and reindeer are of course at their best during winter, taking us to adventurous sledge rides. But reindeer and horse farms are open year round, introducing the life of these cute animals.

Also Santa Claus is most often connected with winter, bu you'll find him here at other times, too. Trips to Russia are organised throughout the year; fishing, boat trips, ATV safaris and hiking during summer, snowmobile safaris during winter and culture trips any time you wish. 

And even if our adventures are fit for families with kids as it is, we have gathered a special page for families with interesting and helpful information about our area. 

Pure nature and authentic experiences

Ruka’s fabulous nature makes it a place to enjoy all the year round. Discover the explorer inside yourself: visit Kuusamo’s landscapes in summer and in winter. The experience will make you want to come back here again and again.

Ruka village

Ruka pedestrian village offers almost unlimited opportunities for sport, shopping, and enjoyment. Both adults and children are welcome at the sports centre in the lower floor of the Kumpare shopping centre. Children can enjoy themselves in the Happy Family play room and Ruka Bowling.


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