Winter Fatbiking

Fatbiking in the winter scenery

The wide tire of the fatbikes make it possible to enjoy biking along the winter trails, too! Going gets really easy once you hop on an elecctric fat bike.

Update on winter biking trails:

Hirsilampi and Lammintupa trails: Maintenance has ended for season 20-21.
Antinperä trail: Maintenance has ended for season 20-21.
Oulanka wilderness trail: Maintenance has ended for season 20-21.
Riisitunturi trail (new for 2021-2021): Maintenance has ended for season 20-21.
More information about these trails below.

Rent a fatbike or an electric fatbike

Rental shops around Ruka: Valley Rental Shop, Sport House RukaHill Ski RentRuka SafarisRukapalvelu and near Kuusamon city centre Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki.

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Winter trails for biking

In the winter you can ride for example in Oulanka National Park. There is a winter trail 26 km from Juuma to Oulanka visitor center, which will be laned from mid-february to mid-april. Please note: Winter biking is forbidden only at Little Bear's trail in Oulanka area.

In Ruka area biking is possible along Lammintupa winter trail 6 km, Hirsilampi winter trail 4 km and Antiperä fatbike trail 21 km. Biking on Konttainen and Valtavaara winter trails is not allowed. When riding on multi-purpous trails, please be polite and adjust your speed to the occasion and the width of the trail. Winter biking is forbidden on cross-country ski trails.

New for winter 2020-2021: Lammintupa Winter trail for fatbikers and walkers, 6 km

Lammintupa trail takes you from Uuttusuo ski trail Cafe to Lammintupa and back. This trail is available for bikers and walkers. This trail can be accessed via pedestrian routes from Ruka village and RukaValley (last section travels along Vuosselinrinne road). Lammintupa offers a variety of joys such as delicacies at the cafe, reindeer sled rides, husky safaris and ice karting.  

New for winter 2020-2021: Riisitunturi trail for fatbikers, walkers and skier, 20 km

The start and end point of Riisitunturi winter biking trail is located at the parking lot of Riisitunturi National Park. This trail is used for multible purpouses: fat biking, walking, skiing and dog sled rides. Bikers must always yield. The trail is maintaned 1-2 times per week according to weather conditions. Shelters along the trail: Riisitunturi Open WIlderness Hut with campfire shelter, Soilu lean-to shelter and Uudenlampi lean-to shelter. Please note: Biking is allowed in Riisitunturi National Park only during winter (on snow cover). 

Hirsilampi winter trail 4 km

Hirsilampi winter trail is easily reachable snowshoe and fatbike trail at Pyhävaara area. Trail goes partly on the Pyhän Jyssäys route, past Hirsilampi. Mostly easy and flat, but difficulty level can change according to the weather. Route is maintaned with a snowmobile when snow conditions allow.

Winter biking at Pyhävaara (video: Pekka Lintusaari)

Antinperä fatbike route 21 km

Mostly easy and flat route. Route can change according to the weather, especially the snow situation. Route will be maintaned from when snow situation allows till easter or later, always after a snow fall.

Hossa winter biking trails

Winter biking is allowed in Hossa National Park (one hour from Ruka) on the following trails: Jatkonvaara 12 km, Värikallio route 5,4 km, Hossa Reindeer Park trail 800 m. These trails are marked by blue color in Hossa winter trail map.

More beautiful winter trails can be found about an 2 hours from Ruka at Syöte National Park.

Fatbiking winter etiquette

In the beginning of the season the trails are still soft and suitable to ride only with low tire pressures. When the trails get harder surface after multiple maintenance routes, you can ride them also with normal tire pressures. After heavy snowfall the trails should always be ridden with low tire pressures.

If the trail is used for both snowshoeing and fatbiking, stay on the right and make sure your speed is under control especially in tighter corners. 


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