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Wild food with arctic flavours

Introducing Northern Finnish Cuisine - Delicacies from Kuusamo, Finland! In Finland you have a right of public access that allows you to pick berries or wild mushrooms in the forest, as you like. There's a wide variety to choose from: wild blueberries and raspberries, lingonberries, and the greatest delicacy of all, the cloudberry, referred to by the locals as "the marsh gold".

The great lakes and rivers supply the community with vendace, white fish and lake trout. These end up on dinner tables both freshly cooked and processed into many different tinned, smoked or raw pickled products. Locally manufactured meat products include cold smoked beef and reindeer, tinned venison and bear, reindeer kebab and even wild boar. Other unique delicacies of this area are spruce sprout products such as syrup and vinegar, and jams and marmalades made of real berry juice. 

Ingredients with character

Seasonal change give the edge into the northern Finnish food. Due to the short growing period, the plants make use of the midnight sun and grow day and night. The cool climate makes their size small but enhances their flavour. The strong flavour concentrates in the herbs, wildfowl and game.

Kuusamo Lapland Wild Food

Kuusamo Lapland Wild Food badge is a guarantee on pure, local ingredients and authentic, local cooking style. You can book a private restaurant or join our Lappish buffet. 

Wild Food

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Slow Food Kuusamo-Lapland Convivium

A group researchers and local entrepreneurs founded Slow Food Kuusamo-Lapland Convinium in spring 2019 as part of the international Slow Food movement. The aim of the Kuusamo-Lapland Convivium is to be in harmony with the environment, to restore the proper value to food and to respect the people who produce local food eco-sustainably. What makes Kuusamo-Lapland stand out among the world’s most northern convivia is the importance it attaches to human health as the union of body, mind and soul.


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