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Tunturilomat *****

Welcome to spend an unforgettable holiday in Ruka!

Tunturilomat has two high-quality semi-detached villa complex in their own peaceful area in the immediate vicinity of Ruka ski slopes, close to the shoreline of Iso-Veska -lake. The villa has breathtaking views of the Ruka ski slopes.

Snowy owl apartments (as "Tunturipöllö" -apartments) 

Tunturilomat apartments 1-4 have been named after a snowy owl. Alaska and Greenland Eskimos consider the snowy owl as a mysterious being, who can help their stranded wanderer. North American story of the aged wizard who changed the girl to a longbeaked bird. Frightened girl flew recklessly to a rock wall. The nose was twisted and shortened - and the first snowy owl was born.

Tunturilomat welcomes you warmly to spend a memorable holiday in Ruka!

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