Treeriding in Ruka

Ruka’s treeriding areas are located in Saarua, Vuosseli and Pessari, and you can also find untreated natural snow slopes from Kelo and Vuosseli. These slopes and areas are not groomed, so when a good snowfall hits Ruka, these are the places for good powder turns.

Take a turn to the woods

Ruka’s treeriding areas have been cleared off of fallen trees, big boulders and stumps, but please take into consideration especially on early winter, that all undergrowth might not be covered in snow. Naturally there’s trees and other vegetation in treeriding areas – ride with caution, so you will not hit them.

Treeriding at it’s best brings a little excitement and adventure on your day on the slopes, as long as you have the skills needed and only ride with your helmet on. Keep in mind that riding outside the maintained slopes always happens at your own risk.

Treeriding areas and natural snow slopes in Ruka

Saarua treeriding area

On the ski map this area is marked with number 17, and looking from the top it can be found from the right side of Ruka Park. On the other side of this treeriding area is Rosa & Rudolf Family Park and slope number 16, the route from Vuosseli to Saarua. You can ride or ski throught the woods to Saarua ski lifs’s bottom station or to Vuosseli through Ski Bistro slopes. This treeriding area is the easiest in Ruka with a gentle slope profile – a good place to start treeriding.

Vuosseli treeriding area

This area is the newest addition to Ruka’s treeriding areas, opened in season 2017–2018. It is easy to find between the anchor lift Kulma and slope number 25 (the area itself is marked on the slope map with number 25a). This area is suitable for mellow turns and is sloping gently. Please avoid the near anchor lift track especially when the lift is operating.

Vuosseli FreeRide

Untreated natural snow slope is located in Vuosseli near slope 24. On the other side you will find the easy ski route to Ruka Village. Vuosseli FreeRide is marked in the slope map with number 23, and it is rated as black slope – meaning that it is suitable for advanced riders and skiers.

Pessari treeriding area

Pessari is also a new addition to the treeriding areas. It starts right below the top station of chairlift G. The area takes a turn to the left, so do not choose the line under the chairlift for the whole ride: there are steep rocks further along the way that should definitely be avoided. You will find the treeriding area from the map marked with number 11. Right beside it is Pessari steep slope, marked with numbers 11a and 11b. Pessari treeriding area is suitable for advanced skiers and riders because of the steep slope profile.

Kelo untreated natural snow slope

Slope number 9, Kelo’s Steep is natural snow slope that is not groomed with the machines. It starts between the top station of Kelo anchor lift and Battery Run -slopes and ends to bottom station of Kelo. The slope profile is steep (black), soi t is best for the more advanced riders and skiers.

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Rosa park

Check out the freestyle park for juniors and beginners on Ski Bistro.

Ruka Park Club

Take a break in riders' own living room equipped with plays and PlayStations. Located in Saarua.

Ruka Park

Finland’s most famous area for freestyle skiers' and snowboarders - Ruka Park.

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Enjoy the powder safely

Remember these rules when riding into Ruka Treeride Areas or non-treated slopes.

  • Riding outside the maintained slopes always happens at your own risk.
  • Do not ride alone. Take a friend with you and inspect the Treeride Area in advance.
  • Get dressed properly and always wear a helmet. We recommend using the back and other protectors as well.
  • Pay special attention for the trees, stones, scaffolds, lifts and other constructed and non-constructed objects while riding in Treeride Area.
  • Do not ski when it’s dark, there is no illumination in the Treeride Area.
  • Information about the risk of avalanches is provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute:
  • Do not doubt retreat if circumstances warrant. If you are unsure, ask for more information from the ski school or ski resort staff.
  • Before heading to the Treeride area, tell someone where you are going and when you are going to return. Also let him know after the ride that you are back.
  • In the event of injury or accident, contact the ski resort staff immediately. Ski Patrol is available for help within the opening hours of the slopes, tel. +35840 481 8900.
  • General emergency phone number is 112.