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Restaurant Talonpöytä

Talonpöytä Kuusamo

Cozy and beautifully decorated restaurant welcomes you and your party to enjoy delicious local food. Meals are always made by ourselves of local ingredients. 

Talonpöytä Oulanka  

Restaurant Talonpöytä Oulanka is located in the Oulanka Visitor Center, near Kiutaköngäs rapids. In addition to a daily home-cooked lunch, restaurant serves delicious local food for a bigger and smaller hunger. Come and taste our amazing reindeer burgers! 


When it's time for you and your friends to celebrate, we'll make sure your party is perfect.

  • Cakes, sandwich cakes, etc.
  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding reception
  • Serving memorials
  • Business representation and lunch contracts
  • We also provide catering for cottages.


We offer genuinely high quality and tasty bakery products at our Oulanka restaurant and ordered from Talonpöytä.