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Taiga School

Taiga School

The Taiga School is located by the magical Kitkajärvi Lake in the unspoilt Northeastern Finland, in the middle of 5 national parks. Ruka Ski Slopes are just a 10-minute drive away. Staying at Taiga school is a real gem among your travel experiences. All eight seasons in Lapland have something unique to offer and we will be happy to welcome you any time of the year. Individual travelers, families, weekend guests, groups, teams or weddings, the Taiga School has a unique offer to everyone. Here the world is still the same as 10,000 years ago.

Experience and experience adventure and go with Taiga…



Slow Adventure

Slow Adventure  is a form of tourism where everything you do is connected with nature. 
It explores the adventures of fast adrean and makes room for enjoying and experiencing unrestrained and long-lasting, unspoilt nature.

Throughout these trips, in all seasons and in all weather conditions 
and fluctuations. 
These trips generally include the following elements:

  • Wild food collected from nature
  • Wild creature and animals
  • Outdoor comfort
  • Create and improve people's understanding
  • Better location commitment
  • Urgent nature tourism activities that take into account local culture and history, such as hunting, fishing, game eating, love and respect for nature and its flora and fauna, as well as the relationship between food and land and sea.