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Ruka Holiday store
E.g., 13.12.2018
Ruka Holiday store
Summer in Ruka and Kuusamo is full of adventures. Rafting, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and lots of other activities are waiting for you!

Ruka Holiday store
Flight, train, bus...

Flight to Kuusamo or train to Oulu now under 130 € return.

Ruka Holiday store
Offers & Packages

Package deals and offers for the whole Ruka-Kuusamo area - book now!

Ruka Holiday store
Tickets to the best night clubs!

The top Finnish artists and the best party in the nights clubs of Ruka village.

Ruka Holiday store
Ski Passes
Buy your skipass online and save money.

Family ski pass: 30 % additional discount for the children!



Bright white snowscapes and fantastic sceneries beckon you to try snowshoe hiking.

Join a snowshoe excursion led by a guide or hire your own snowshoes and make your own adventure! Using snowshoes you will be able to reach the river valleys of the Oulanka National Park, the top of the Ruka fell or Pyhävaara hill.

Search for the northern lights by snowshoes
With snowshoes in the silent, mystical forest under the stars!
65€ / Adult
Ice fishing Ruka Kuusamo
Ice Fishing trip
Ice fishing, or as we say pilkki, is indeed a Finnish hobby that almost all local people do.
60€ / Adult
Oulanka National park
Snowshoeing in Oulanka National Park
To walk among the frozen forest and hear the running water next to you is something out of this world.
89€ / Adult
Snowshoeing at Ruka area, Ski Resort Ruka, Lapland, Finland
Rent Snowshoes from Piste or VuosselinPortti Rental Shop!
Rent snowshoes and enjoy Ruka by walking in nature!
15€ / Person
Outdoor Passion Finland OAC karvapohjasuksien vuokra
OAC Skinbased skis are pure fun in deep snow!
35€ / Person
Snowshoeing in Oulanka Nationsl Park with Ruka Adventures
Snowshoeing trip to Oulanka National park Mon and Sat at 10am
85€ / Adult
Outdoor Passion Finland ski tour to Riisitunturi National park
Arctic ski tour to Riisitunturi Nationalpark
Exploring the arctic nature in Riisitunturi National park.
120€ / Person
Late evening ski tour expedition in Ruka (4 hrs)
Slow adventure in evening shadows!
85€ / Person
Product name Price Duration Company Season
Snowshoe Hike on Ruka Fell (Tue, Thu, Sat) 55€ / Person 2 h 20.11.2018 - 30.04.2019
Ice Fishing trip Book online 60€ / Adult 3 h 28.11.2018 - 23.04.2019
Search for the northern lights by snowshoes Book online 65€ / Adult 3 h 28.11.2018 - 23.04.2019
Snowshoeing in Oulanka National Park Book online 89€ / Adult 4 h 28.11.2018 - 23.04.2019
Arctic ski tour to Riisitunturi Nationalpark Book online 120€ / Person 4 h 18.12.2018 - 30.04.2019
Late evening ski tour expedition in Ruka (4 hrs) Book online 85€ / Person 4 h 01.01.2019 - 30.04.2019
OAC SKINBASED SKI RENTALS 35€ / Person 1 days 01.01.2019 - 30.04.2019
Snowshoeing trip to Oulanka National park Mon and Sat at 10am Book online 85€ / Adult 2 h 30 min 08.01.2019 - 31.03.2019

Snowshoe trails

New for season 2018-2019: Valtavaara and Saarua snowshoetrails 2 km, 3 km, 5,5 km

Departure: Saarua parking area.
Marked trails with different lenghts in Valtavaara area which partly follow the Karhunkierros Trail. Along the shortest trail there isn't a campfire site but near the trail close to Saarua slopes there is Saarua Hut. There are campfire sites along the longer trails.
Trails are walked anticlockwise.
Trails are partly demanding since there are uphills, downhills and stairs along the way.
Duration: appr. 1–4 hours.

New for season 2018-2019: Ice sculpture trail, 1 km

Departure: Ruka village or Gondola top station.
This trail is located close to the slopes in Ruka fjell. Along the way there are ice sculptures.
Trail is marked, please follow signs.

New for season 2018-2019: Hirsilampi winter trail, 4 km

Departure: Pyhän Jyssäys parking area located in road Plantingintie and Petäjäkuja 1 crossroads.
Trail follows partly Pyhän Jyssäys snowshoe trail but is shorter following the shores of small lake Hirsilampi.
Pyhän Jyssäys part is marked with wooden stakes with green reflective tape. Hirsilampi part is marked with red stakes.
Trail is also used as a fatbike trail and maintained with a snowmobile when snow conditions allow.
Duration: appr. 2–4 hours.

Pyhän Jyssäys (6 km)

This day-trip trail takes snowshoe hikers from close to Ruka Village to the top of the Pikku-Pyhävaara hill to view the splendour of the Koillismaa highland landscapes. The starting point is in Pyhän Jyssäys parking area located in road Plantingintie and Petäjäkuja 1 crossroads. There is a kota shelter at the top of the hill. You should reserve 4–5 hours for this snowshoe trip. The trail is marked using wooden stakes with green reflective tape and a red reflective badge.

Juhannuskallio route (300 m)

Departure: Juhannuskalliontie, green markings
Difficulty: Easy
Services: Ruka Peak restaurant (also the terrace during springtime; cafe & lunch).
Shoeshoeing distance: 300 m.
Please note: This area is part of nature reserve - please stay on the path. 

Kiutaköngäs Trail (2 km)

is a viewing trail to the Kiutaköngäs rapids and can also be used in the winter. The Visitor Centre has the renewed exhibition “Keskellä virtaa joki” (A River Flows By). There is a campfire site at Kiutaköngäs where you can take a rest.

Hiiden hurmos (5 km)

will take you on an exploration of the diverse nature of Oulanka. The Kiutaköngäs rock formations stand as ancient characters and in mid-winter the rapids can even freeze over completely. In the open sections of the river you can see the white-throated dipper or otter. A viewing tower, old reindeer enclosure and sheltered resting spot can be found along the route. The estimated time for completing the trail is approximately three hours, and the starting and departing point is the Oulanka Visitor Centre. The trail is marked in the terrain with snowflake symbols.

Oulanka Wilderness Trail (26 km)

from Juuma to Kiutaköngäs, you can admire the magnificent wintertime Oulanka using skis, snowshoes or fatbike. The trail is maintained once a week during the period from mid-February to the end of April using a snowmobile and leveller. The route does not have a skiing track and is not illuminated. This trail is demanding due to its hilly and narrow characteristics. Along the route are the wilderness cabins Ansakämppä and Jussinkämppä.

Rytiniva Snowshoe Trail (1 km)

departs from the Karhunkierros Visitor Centre in Hautajärvi along the Karhunkierros Trail to the Rytiniva campfire site, from which it returns to the Visitor Centre. The trail is marked in the terrain with orange ribbons. 

Iirinki (9 km)

The daytime trail of the Iivaara Hill beckons you to admire the landscapes of the old forests of southern Kuusamo with its heavily snow-laden trees. The trail is marked using wooden stakes with green reflective ribbons. The trail departs from the parking area located along the Hiltusentie road. Along the route you can find a viewing tower, Iivaara campfire spot and the Näätälampi wilderness cabin. Starting and finishing points: The parking area located along the Hiltusentie road next to the Ahvenjärvi Lake. The estimated time for completing the trail is 6–7 hours.

Riisin Rääpäsy (4,3 km)

Perhaps the most magnificent snowshoe hiking landscapes can be found from Riisitunturi. The trees heavily laden with snow make your imagination run wild among the fell highland tranquillity. In the moonlit skies above the Riisitunturi wilderness cabin you could be taken by surprise by the vibrant dance of the Northern Lights. The starting point is the Riisitunturi parking area that also has a sheltered guidance facility. You should reserve 3-4 hours for this snowshoe trip. Riisin Rääpäsy is marked with green terrain marks.

More information about trails:,, Oulanka VisitorCentre,, tel. +358 40 732 5615.