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Slope Activities

You are welcome to try amazing and maybe not so serious competitions at Ruka slopes with our professional instructors! Feel the excitement of driving Stiga snow racer or shape up with playful slalom competition. We will do our best to bring a lot of fun and new experience to your skiing holiday. For big groups we recommend to combine slope event with day on the slope – and split the participants in two groups – or to book two different events to be on going at the same time. Our guide will explain the rules of the game and commentate on going game with good music included. We will prepare results quickly and soon after the finish, we will give medal prizes for the best 3 participants. You can also bring your own rewards to your group. Feel free to ask special prices and nice Ruka-themed prize catalogue.

Giant Slalom Competition

Traditional giant slalom competition is one of the best options for those who like speed and skiing. Competitions are organized on quite easy red slope in Masto area. After getting known the track, you will have two competition runs and faster one of them gets selected, or times may be calculated together, as it is on the real competitions. Or each one needs to try to ski two as fast/slow runs, in this program, everyone can win despite of skiing level.  We can also give a handicap to each participant, according the age. By adjusting the time of run(s) with handicap, each participant will be more equal with others. The use of handicap is to be discussed with event subscriber in advance.       

Stiga Snow Racer Competition

Experience the excitement of Stiga snow racers! Diversify your holiday program or have some fun after conference day. You don’t need earlier experience of driving Stiga snow racer nor skiing skills. During competition you will experience excitement and even some tight spots on the easy and safe slop, next to SkiBistro, at East Ruka. Timer stopwatch provides results extremely accurately (within hundredth of a second), as at the real formula car racing. Competition can be organized as normal slalom with timing or in cup-type with pair slalom. Presenter of the event will guarantee fun and smooth competitions. 

Snow Salibandy

We have moved famous Finnish indoor game outside, on snow. Form your own teams of 3-4 players each and play on the 20-meter square rink, no goalkeeper needed. The best part of this game is - you do not need that much of playing skills; what you need is good team spirit!  

Prices 2018-2019 Stiga Snow Racer and Salibandy 
10-19 persons 360€/group, program duration 1h
20-29 persons 430€/group, program duration 1h
30-40 persons 500€/group, program duration 1,5h

Prices 2018-2019 Giant Slalom Competition
10-19 persons 500€/group, program duration 1h
20-29 persons 580€/group, program duration 1h - 1,5h
30-40 persons 660€/group, program duration 1,5h – 2h

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