35 slopes, 22 lifts and over 200 skiing days a year. Ruka’s slopes offer riding lines for younger and older skiers and snowboarders, and world-class performance sites for both professionals and enthusiasts. Check out Ruka’s ski areas and find your own favourite slope


Saarua is Ruka’s most popular ski area for a good reason. Slope profile offers riding lines for skiers of many skill levels and the popular Ruka Park is also situated within its area. Ruka’s ski season is kicked off in Saarua already in October and the slopes stay open for skiers until May. The sheltered location guarantees that skiing is also enjoyed in windy weather and thanks to the new fast Saarua Express-chairlift the way to the top goes rapidly.  You’ll also find two of Ruka’s tree riding areas in Saarua and a three-seater chairlift enables you to continue your rides all the way to Pessari’s slopes. Saarua’s bottom station has a parking area, rest hut and WC as well as Ruka Park Club. Saarua hut then again is situated near the top station of Saarua Express.


Rosa & Rudolf Family Park

Finland’s biggest ski area for children and beginners, Rosa & Rudolf Family Park, is situated in front of Ski Bistro. Five magic carpet lifts enable smooth and safe lift rides even for the smallest skiers and gentle slopes are a good place to get to know the secrets of skiing and snowboarding. The area’s most recent attractions are snow tubing-hill and the extended playground, which means Family Park offers activities for the entire family even when without riding equipment. Rosa & Rudolf Family Park area can be accessed with a valid ski pass or Family Park area ticket (10€/day). Rosa Park, skiable with the button lift next to Family Park, offers a range of mini kickers, hills and boxes, which form a great practice site for beginners trying out tricks. 


The super fast six-seater chairlift VuosseliExpress equipped with a transparent weather canopy takes you from Vuosseli’s bottom station all the way up to the top of the fell. Wide slopes have plenty of space to do turns and Ruka’s SuperPipe is also situated in this slope area. By Vuosseli you’ll also find Rudolf’s Adventure Route, along which you’ll be able to say hi to reindeers and huskies on your ride. Ski Bistro’s slope and Rosa & Rudolf Family Park are situated close to chairlift’s bottom station. From the top of Vuosseli, it is easy to move to Front Slopes, Kelo, Saarua or Masto area.


Masto slopes, suitable for the whole family, are situated on the east side of the fell. From the top of Masto, you’ll get a great view over the rest of the ski resort. Masto offers relaxed and gentle, often the most uncrowded slopes in the resort. There’s a free of charge rope lift for beginners and children at Masto’s bottom station and two anchor lifts take the skiers right to the top. At Masto you can also try how fast your skis go: the speedometer in the slope 33 tells you your riding speed.  There’s a fireplace, WC and parking area at the Masto’s bottom station.

Välirinteet - Middle Slopes

In between Masto and Vuosseli, you’ll find the middle slopes (in Finnish: Välirinteet), which you can ski by using the button lift. These slopes are conveniently gentle and uncrowded for practicing. There’s also a sled hill at the middle slopes.

Rosa & Rudolf Family Park

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Rosa Park

Rudolf Adventure Route


Front Slopes

Ruka’s mountainous Front Slopes rise in front of your eyes right in the centre of Ruka village. These slopes offer steepness for carving and high speed rides down and up with brand new Village Express 6 seater chairlift with a bubble. Also Ruka’s FIS-slope, Battery Run -moguls and Freestyle-centre are situated at Front Slopes. A free of charge carpet lift serves beginners and a chairlift takes you right to the top, from where it’s easy to continue to the slope areas of Vuosseli, Saarua or Kelo. There’s an easier, family-friendly slope running down to Talvijärvi from Front Slopes, which is skied with the anchorlift.


Kelo, running next to Front Slopes, offers an interesting slope for more experienced skiers. At the top, the slope profile is pretty gentle, but especially in the steep final part of the slope you can put your edges into real work. The area’s second slope, Kelo’s Steep (Kelon Jyrkkä) is an ungroomed natural snow slope, which due to its profile, suits also more experienced skiers.


Pessari, the slope running underneath Valtavaara-Pyhävaara-nature reserve area, offers a varying ride to the sheltered bottom station, where the atmosphere is totally of its own kind.  The legendary Monomesta, which is a relaxed, Alpine-style ski slope restaurant, is situated at Pessari’s bottom station. You can choose to ski either red or black slope from the top of Pessari and at the same time, marvel at the fell view opening up above.