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Slopeside restaurants

Sautéed reindeer, pizza, hamburger, sushi and much more – when hunger gets you, we have the solution. Get to know the restaurants located right next to the slopes. 

Break rooms and barbeque areas

Ruka ski areas are covered with multiple break rooms and barbeque areas, where it is good to keep a pause of skiing and enjoy your own packed lunch. The break rooms are open during the slope opening hours.


Saarua break room is located in the substation of Saarua slopes, next to the parking lot. In the heated space can be found a bathroom space, fireplace and multiple tables to eat your lunch. Outside of the break room is a deck with more tables and a firepit. 

Ruka Park Club is located next to SaaruaExpress lift. In the space you can find ping-pong tables, game consoles and some gym equipment for moments when you want to keep a break from skiing. In Park Club you can also dry your gloves in the drying rack and load your mobile devices in a locker. The space has multiple tables and a microwave to heat up your packed meal. The water point and bathrooms can be found in a few steps away from Saarua break room. 

Saarua Laplander's hut is located close to the SaaruaExpressin top station, next to Ruka Park. In the atmospheric hut you can grill sausages and enjoy your other packed lunch. 

Vuosseli & Ski Bistro

Rosa & Rudolf Family Park break room was opened in December 2017 and it is located in the right hand side of Family Park in the middle of the slope. The break room offers a great area for families to barbeque, eat packed meals and observe the fun on the slopes in Family Park. Inside is a fire pit and tables and on a big outside terrace has another fire pit and plenty of space to enjoy spring rays. 

Rosa & Rudolf Family Park firepit is located at the bottom of the Park, in front of Ski Bistro. Bathrooms can be found in the restaurant next to the fire pit or the substation of M lift. 

In the halfway of Rudolf Adventure Route, next to the reindeer enclosure is a firepit where you can observe the reindeer. Slightly further in the slopes is a husky enclosure. 


Masto breakroom (opened at the end of 2019) is located in the substation of Masto slopes, next to the parking lot. The heated space has a bathroom space, fireplace and multiple tables to eat your packed lunch. 

In the Masto slope area are also located two firepits, one in the Masto substation and the other in the Välirinteet  - Middle Slopes substation where also the button lift is located. 

Front slopes

The front slope firepit can be found beside the Village Express substation. 

At the top of Kelo slopes is situated a new Lappish hut that was opened during season 2019-2020, which is a great place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Ruka. 

See the break rooms and barbeque ares in the slope map. All the firewoods on the break rooms are free to use. Please remember to throw trashes in the bins and leave the break rooms clean after usage. 

Ruka SkiBus 

Ruka area is serviced by two SkiBus lines. Line 1 runs from Ruka village to East Ruka and back and line 2 from Ruka village to West Ruka and back. SkiBus is free of charge in the Ruka area, when the traveler has a valid ski pass or skiing equipment with them. Otherwise the price is 3 €/adult and 2€/child. Additionally the slopes can be accessed with line 3 that runs between Ruka and Kuusamo. (price 8 €/adult, 5 €/child one way).

Slopes are a short walk from the following SkiBus stops:

Ruka village besides the front slopes (lines 1, 2 ja 3)

Rukatonttu bus stop at lake Talvijärvi (line 2)

Masto in East Ruka (line 1)

VuosselinPortti in East Ruka (line 1)

See all SkiBus routes and stops.

Ski school meeting places

Ski Bistro meeting area

The sign for the meeting area is located in the slope area in East Ruka, opposite the Ski Bistro entrance near the slopes. All of Werneri and Kinos courses as well as English and Russian speaking courses start here. In addition, all the basic courses start in this meeting area, unless the lesson is private which is when the meeting area is decided separately with ski school. 

Family Park meeting area

The sign for the meeting area is located close by the Family Park and the Ruka Valley gondola substation.

Piste meeting area

The ski school meeting area is situated in Ruka village next to the chair lift substation. 

VuosselinPortti meeting area

The sign is located at the end of VuosselinPortti rental building on the VuosseliExpress lift side.

If you have booked a course in the ski school, ensure always beforehand where you will meet the instructor.

Toboggan slides

The locations have been marked with symbols to the Ruka slope map. The toboggan slides can be found in Kaltiolampi, Ruka village and in the middle of Masto slopes. We aim to create toboggan slides in the beginning of the season for other locations as well when the weather conditions allow.

In addition, Rosa & Rudolf Family Park has a tubing slide, which can be utilized with a ski pass or a ticket to Family Park (10 €). 

Please note that sliding with a toboggan is not allowed in the ski slopes.