Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas

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Christmas carols, jingle bells, busy elves and traditional Christmas baking from November until springtime.  Welcome to our winter wonderland! Remember to take a look at our Event Calendar to see what's up on Christmas time and New Year.

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Santa's Holiday Secret

The magic of Christmas is made up of many mysteries revolving around Santa and his little helpers. Solving them would required extremely tuned senses and high Christmas spirit. Until today, what Santa does in the summer time, has been one of the biggest secrets. Last summer however, the Chief of Gifts at the Santa Claus’s main post office sent cards, typically sent around christmas, to all over Ruka village. “The secret can be revealed! Kind regards, Santa Claus”, said the greetings.

In Finland, everyone knows that Santa lives in Korvatunturi, Lapland (translates to Ear Mountain). After one Christmas over a century ago, Santa was feeling strangely worn out and stressed. He needed a place to take it easy and relax in the middle of pure nature.  In fact, Mrs Claus and the entire elf folk were also in need of a much deserved break and a place to prepare for the upcoming gift-making season ahead of them. 

So just as many Finns do, Santa Claus also decided to get a summer cottage. After receiving a lot of encouragement from friends and loved ones, and hearing from his most trusted elves how beautiful the place was, Santa left the familiar Korvatunturi winter snowscapes to build a cabin in Kuusamo. Hundreds of hardworking little elves hammered and sawed an enormous summer cottage in the grand wilderness landscape. It was an almost an impossible task, because they had to fit an incredible number of helpers and workshops for designing gifts for the upcoming Christmas all under the same roof.

Already long before the first visitors came to Ruka-Kuusamo, the scent of traditional Christmas food filled the Santa Claus's cottage surroundings. In the wintertime, the gingerbread spices, roasted ham, generous casseroles and other Christmas foods from Kuusamo fed the hungry elves.

It is officially the duty of the elves to grow Christmas trees. There are other places that need the scent of conifers than the Kuusamo cottage and Korvatunturi, and every home in Finland is decorated once a year with a beautiful Christmas tree. At the Santa Claus's cottage, Christmas trees bring joy everyday.

Santa Claus and his helpers still live at Korvatunturi for most of the year. He would love to meet all the children and adults of the world over there, but if Korvatunturi were ever opened up to the public, it would become more popular than Disneyland! This would endanger the ancient secrets of making and distributing Christmas gifts. Therefore, Santa Claus has decided to invite visitors to Ruka-Kuusamo, which he also occasionally visits during the wintertime as well! 


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