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Ruska Laukka Stables

Come and enjoy our diverse horse services at our home ranch at  the idyllic Ronivaara. Get accustomed to traditional finnish horses. The wintery, calm forest hike at the forested hills or the relaxing minihike during moonlight calms even the busiest of minds. For the families there are the happy sleighhike or the garreiagedrive. During our adventures, you can see our shetland pony Venni.
 We arrange different length hikes and varying forest trips around the year. No matter what your skill level is, you can be sure to find something for everybody, even the safest trips for beginners. We service fluently in both Finnish and English.

Happy horse services for the family

Our calm horses will provide the whole family with unforgettable memories. The minishett pony Venni and Ulla with their friends enjoy giving a ride for the youngest ones in the family, through the ponywoods, where adults can also join by foot or horseback. Our personalised programs are fit for different sized groups and families. Small groups and easygoing visits provide memories for a long time. The mutual horsetrip with the whole family is something you will remember! Read about our diverse programs!

Horseback rides and hikes at forested hills

Enjoy our relaxed forest hike at the middle of forested hills on horseback. The beautiful scenery of the northeastern nature provides a lot to be seen on all seasons. Enjoy a minihike in changing landscape with us. We do hikes between 1-3 hours long, tailored for you needs. The moonlight ride in the wintery, magical forest calms even the busiest of minds. The starlit minihike surrounded by candlespruce takes the mind away from ordinary troubles. We have routes for beginners, and also for more experienced riders. The minimun headcount is 2 people, weather reservation.. Read about the forest trips and hikes!

Personalised sleighrides for group
We start the journey by harnessing the horse. After that, our humble finnish horses lead the guests to a enchanting countryside view. Our sleighride passes through a misty, winter scenery where you can enjoy the silence and feel the magic of a sleighride...

During the ride, our passengers can lay back in the sleigh, protected by warm sheets, or ride behind the sleigh with our safe horses After the experience, we enjoy tasty packed lunches in a traditional village blacksmiths smithy, by a fire.  Read about the sleighrides!

Horse farm visit- Meet the traditional finnhorses
Get to know traditional finnish horses! At the horse ranch, we get to know about the horse ranch, take care of the horses and feed them. During the tay you can try horseback riding or horse ride. After rides  we enjoy warm drinks and servings. Read about the visits!

Horseprograms for the smallest ones in the family
For the youngest ones we have sleighrides and pony programs. Getting to know horses and taking care of them is a dream come true for many ponygirls. Our pony Venni and his friends will lead you to a forest trip with the family. Some of the travellers can join by foot also. Get to know about the pony programs!

Comfortable accomodation services
Our family establishment Petäjäkylä provides a wide variety of accomodation services in Kuusamo. The holiday village has a variety of cabin lodging at the Petäjälampi shore, near spa and restaurant services. Our cozy family hotel Kuusanka provides homely hotel accomodation at the center of Kuusamo. Read about the accomodation services!