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Rukapalvelu Accommodation

Affordable accommodation by the various services of Ruka village.

Hotel Arctic Zone

The brand-new Hotel Arctic Zone features high quality accommodation at the heart of Ruka Village for those who appreciate the northern nature and welcoming service.

Arctic Hotel Zone offers 15 cozy and well-equipped rooms on four floors. Each floor represents a Finnish season and the interior design details of the rooms reflect the special characteristics of the season. There are 14 rooms for 2+2 persons with own balcony and one room for 4+2 persons with own sauna. 

The rooms are filled with natural light and open up to a magnificent view to the surrounding nature. All rooms have a bathroom, air conditioning, plank flooring and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Rukariutta Apartments

Rukariutta offers 18 apartments in the Ruka ski resort. The 60 and 70 square metre apartments have two bedrooms with bed places for 4+2 persons. To ensure your comfort, each apartment also has a television, stereo, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, sauna and a fireplace. There is also a grocery store nearby.

Arctic Zone Apartments

Arctic Zone Apartments consists of five fully furnished rental apartments that come with all the amenities you may need. Each two-story apartment covers 90 m2 of floor space and features a cosy living room, a fully equipped kitchen and sauna. Each of these sizeable apartments has four bedrooms for two, and downstairs there is sleeping space for two additional people. The balconies open up to the beauty of Ruka’s nature.

Apartments next to each other can be joined together should you need to do so – producing 180 m2 of space that can be used for meetings or training sessions, for example. Naturally, we will provide you with all the office tools you may need.

We can also organise meals for you (breakfast, conference meals, evening snacks, and full dinners) in your apartment. 

Adventure on mind? You can book your entire holiday from us! We offer wide range of activities for winter and summer. Book your adventure here!