Rudolf's Revenge - Gravity

Published 2.7.2019: With heavy hearts we are forced to announce the cancellation of Rudolf's Revenge and Funduro Cup for 2019. The several building projects in the area were delayed due to cold spring, causing delays in route constructions as well. Unfortunately we can not quarantee the adequate quality of the competition routes. All competition fees will be refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience. Competition dates for 2020 will be released during 2019. 

Race rules - Rudolf's Revenge Gravity

This page contains important information about Rudolf's Revenge Gravity competition. 

Rudolf's Revenge

Participation fee

Signing up before 30.6.2019 will cost 55 €, after that until Wednesday 28.8.2019 the fee is 65 €. In case the race is not sold out, it’s possible to sign up at the race office for the fee of 75 €.

The fee includes a jersey, marked seeding round and race tracks, timing chip rent, first aid and the possibility to wash your bike during and after the race. Kindly note that lift ticket is not included. Participants can buy their lift ticket for a special price from Ruka Piste.

We wish all participants to wear the provided jersey during the race, as well as during practice and seeding-round.

Bike and protection requirements/ suggestions

All participants are required to wear a proper helmet, knee protection and gloves. We highly recommend a full-face helmet due to the nature of the race. Other protection according to your own personal needs.

Recommended bike is an enduro or a trail bike, with at least 130 mm travel. The track is anyway doable on a shorter travel bike and we also allow the use of for example fatbikes.

Participant's responsibilities

Kindly note that participants are not covered by an insurance by the organiser of the event. Every participant is therefore responsible to take care of an insurance they see necessary.

Physical contacts are part of the race, which every participant need to accept when signing up to this race. In serious accidents every participant is requested to help a fellow racer, provided stopping can be done safely.

First aid

A first-aid group in on a call during the whole race from practice to race runs.


Seeding- and race-runs will be timed using a SportIdent -system. Timing chip rent is included in the participation fee. For lost timing chip a charge of 60 € will be applied.

Classes and groups

The following classes will ride in the same start: men, eBike and hardtail. A separate women’s start is ridden before that. Young men (16-21 years) can choose in which start they wish to ride.

The race

The race consists of two separate runs. The seeding round will be ridden in a free order starting at 11:00. Participants will ride the seeding track individually, about 20 seconds between each rider. Passing another rider is allowed, provided it can be done safely.

Once a rider has completed the seeding run he/she needs to go to the race office with the timing chip to get his/her ranking. Based on the times of the seeding round, each participant will be given a race number. This number needs to be attached to the bike according to instructions.

For the mens race run all participants need to get to the starting area not later than 14:45, where they will be pointed their starting position for the mass-start. All participants need to follow the instructions given by the organisers. At 15:00 all participants will start at once. The pro-athletes will be released to chase them with the task to try and pass as many riders as possible.

All participants need to acknowledge that physical contacts are part of the race, which may cause falling and other damages. However, damaging another rider or his/her bike or gear is strictly forbidden and will cause disqualification.  

Rudolf's Revenge