Rudolf's Revenge - Cross-country

Published 2.7.2019: With heavy hearts we are forced to announce the cancellation of Rudolf's Revenge and Funduro Cup for 2019. The several building projects in the area were delayed due to cold spring, causing delays in route constructions as well. Unfortunately we can not quarantee the adequate quality of the competition routes. All competition fees will be refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience. Competition dates for 2020 will be released during 2019. 

Race rules - Rudolf's Revenge Cross-country

This page contains important information about Rudolf's Revenge Cross-country competition. 

Rudolf's Revenge

Participation fee

For the 20 km classes signing up before 30.6.2019 will cost 55 €, after that until Wednesday 28.8.2019 the fee is 65 €. In case the race is not sold out, it’s possible to sign up at the race office for the fee of 75 €. 

For the 40 km classes the respective fees are 50 €/60 €/70 €.

For the 60 km classes the respective fees are 60 €/70 €/80 €.

The fee includes a jersey, marked race track, timing, first aid and the possibility to wash your bike during and after the race.

We wish all participants to wear the provided jersey during the race.

Bike and protection requirements/ suggestions

All participants are required to wear a proper helmet. Other protection according to your own personal needs. Recommended bike a short travel (100-120 mm) hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike. Also eBikes (legal requirements apply) and fatbikes are allowed when signing up on respective classes.

Participant's responsibilities

Kindly note that participants are not covered by an insurance by the organiser of the event. Every participant is therefore responsible to take care of an insurance they see necessary.

Physical contacts are part of the race, which every participant need to accept when signing up to this race. In serious accidents every participant is requested to help a fellow racer, provided stopping can be done safely.

First aid

A first-aid group in on a call during the whole race at Ruka Village. In case of an accident on the race course every participant is required to help a fellow rider and make a call to the first-aid group. Copy and save the first-aid’s phone number from the race info sheet given from the race office.

Classes and groups

All classes (20/40/60 km, men, women, U21, eBike and fatbike) will start at the same time in a free order. Maximum time on the 20 km race from start to finish is three hours, on 40 km race maximum time is five hours and on 60 km race seven hours. If the maximum time is exceeded the rider’s result will be shown as DNF (did not finish).

The race

All participants will line up in a free order behind the starting line from where they will start towards the race track together. After a proper time decided by the race organiser the chaser(s) will be released with the task to try and pass as many riders as possible.

All participants need to acknowledge that physical contacts may happen during the race, which can cause falling and other damages. However, damaging another rider or his/her bike or gear is strictly forbidden and will cause disqualification.

Depending on the chosen class, after the 20km round a rider will either ride directly to the finish line or continue to a second or to a third round. Chaser(s) will ride three rounds. Results will be shown class by class. To get a timed result rider must pass the finish line within the given maximum time limits.

Rudolf's Revenge