Published 2.7.2019: With heavy hearts we are forced to announce the cancellation of Rudolf's Revenge and Funduro Cup for 2019. The several building projects in the area were delayed due to cold spring, causing delays in route constructions as well. Unfortunately we can not quarantee the adequate quality of the competition routes. All competition fees will be refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience. Competition dates for 2020 will be released during 2019. 

Due to climate change and unpredictable snow conditions around the world Santa Claus has considered hiring mountain biking elves instead of flying reindeers to deliver Christmas presents. Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer is furious and scared he might be losing his job. Therefore he invites all mountain biking elves to join a race to prove reindeers are still faster - even on dirt!

Accept Rudolf’s challenge and join the most spectacular MTB event of the year! Choose between Gravity and Cross-country or do both. Kids we warmly welcome to join our Santa’s Little Helpers race and the kids’ riding schools to learn new skills. In addition to the main races there will be a lot to see and do. Also the new chair lift will run the whole weekend!

Find your favourites amongst the over 20 different race and happenings, and don’t forget the after-party and expo area in the center of Ruka village! 

Are you faster than Rudolf? Come and find out!

Rudolf’s Revenge Gravity – with Andreu & Makken

In this race you’ll speed down from Ruka top all the way down to Saarua and do your best trying to pass the finish line before Rudolf passes you. The track is a wide downhill track with various line choices, mainly downhill with a short thigh-burning uphill section. Total length of the track is about 2 km. Only 16 years and older can participate in this race. 

There will be two runs. Competitors will be rated by a seeding run: the faster time on the seeding run the better starting position on the mass start of the actual race run. 

The seeding run will be ridden individually, with 20 s between the racers. In the actual race run mass start all participants will be positioned according to their race numbers on top of the hill. From there they will start at the same time and will be chased by Rudolfs: Red Bull athletes Andreu Lacondeguy and Mads “Makken” Haugen. Both these athletes have experience from for example Red Bull Rampage, and will give you a world class challenge. How far will you get before Rudolfs pass you?

The track is open for training from Friday afternoon until the seeding run start. Also between the seeding and the actual race runs there is time to learn all the line choices. Take a look at the more detailed race info and sign in now! 

Rudolf’s Revenge XC – with Sasu

In the cross-country version of the Rudolf’s Revenge the competitors aim to pass the finish line before Rudolf passes them. The race track circulates the Ruka fell and includes flat, downhill and uphill sections. Total length of the track is about 20km, and you can ride it once, twice or three times depending on your competition class.

Competitors will line up behind the start line in a free order and sprint to the woods at the same time. After a few seconds, Rudolf will be released to chase them. In this race Rudolf’s part will be played by Sasu Halme, a successful Finnish XC rider with experience in XCO World Cup. How far will you get before Rudolf passes you?

Do your best but don’t worry if Rudolf overtakes you - you are allowed to complete the race at your own pace. All finishers will get a timed result, shown by category. Therefore the race can also be ridden focusing more on enjoying the views and the company of your best riding buddy!

The race track will be marked and open for practise from Friday afternoon until the race start. Take a look at the more detailed race info and sign in now! 

Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa Claus, the silly old man, has forgotten all the Christmas presents at Ruka Piste while stopping to enjoy a cup of glogg. Can you help and bring back the presents to him before he needs to continue his trip towards Siberia? On your way you will face some obstacles, such as reindeer waste and fell rock-gardens, together with some playful tasks to solve. Santa’s Little Helpers truly know how to have fun on a bike!

The race track is a 1km loop close to Ruka village including varying obstacles and other challenges to be completed on and off the bike. Difficulty level will range from beginner to advanced based on the participant’s age group. Total length of the race is 2-8 km according to loops assigned to the participant’s age group.

Set up your bike and rush to Ruka to help Santa before it’s too late! Suitable for kids of 7-15 years. Registration and more detailed information >

Samulione & #yläpelti Skill & Speed

Samulione, the leading mtb media in Finland, is hosting #yläpelti Skill & Speed sessions. These sessions will challenge your climbing abilities, both technically and speedwise. 

Skill & Speed sessions consist of separate uphill sections, where both skill and speed matter. Participants will have three chances to try each section, succeeding will give the participant one point. Some sections that are not so technical will be rated based on speed. On these sections participants have one practice run and one race run. Points will be given according to the time spent finishing the section.

Even if #yläpelti Skill & Speed sessions are considered to be races they should not be taken seriously: these sessions are all about testing your own limits and cheering for others! During the weekend there will be two sessions, on Friday and Saturday night. You may take part in only one of them or both. The challenge sections will be different on both days. Based on the points gathered during the sessions we will announce the Friday winner, Saturday winner and the Overall Uphill King of the weekend.

Participating is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. You can register in advance or in the race office during the weekend.

Rudolf’s Academy

Wanting to master new skills on a bike, learn new tricks or try lift-assisted mountain biking? With the help of Rudolf’s Academy coaches you will be taking your mountain biking to that famous next level!

Smash the dirt - This course will give you more speed on technical downhill and enduro tracks. Coaches are experienced riders who have an eye for spotting even the smallest mistakes and development areas of each individual rider. Best suitable for riders with some experience in downhill or enduro riding.

From flat to gravity mtb - Tips and tricks on how to expand your mountain biking from flat(tish) trails to lift-assisted trail riding. Focus is on finding a balanced riding position on your bike and how to confidently ride turns with speed. Suitable for all mountain biking enthusiasts. 

Puss Camp - Women’s riding clinics are hosted by Elise Kulmala and Kaisa Härkönen. These women are able to give you all the best tips and tricks on how to improve your riding skills, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced rider! Friday’s group is targeted to beginners willing to learn the basics of mountain biking while Saturday’s group focuses more on progressing to the next level. It is also possible to join both groups. 
Got more questions? Contact Rudolf via Facebook messaging.

Registration and more detailed information >

Group rides

During the weekend we will offer multiple group rides for different skill and fitness levels. Choose between 2 hour rides and more challenging halfday trips. If more than 10 riders have  registered, each ride can be divided into to two groups to guarantee all participants will enjoy the ride to the fullest. 

Friday’s ride will take you to the top of Ruka fell to admire the amazing view. Pace is kept comfortable and trails are technically easy. This trip is suitable for everyone with basic knowledge of mountain biking. Total length about 15 k m.

Saturday’s longer ride heads to Pyhävaara and Valkeisenvaara. Some sections are slightly more technical and average speed targeted to 10-12 km/h. Total length around 40 km with a snack break the middle. Suitable for riders with some years of experience in mountain biking. 

The shorter ride on Saturday will show you some of the nicest trails around Ruka area that are easily accessible without too much climbing. Suitable for beginners and also families with kids (at least 12 years of age). Total length 15-20 km. 

On Sunday we will explore the race track of Rudolf’s Revenge from day before, but without the hurry to pass the finish line. Works well as a recovery ride for the participants of Rudolf’s Revenge or for anyone willing to enjoy the best cross-country trails of Ruka. Total length 20 km.

Registration and more detailed information >

Before after race party jams

Still hungry for more after the main races and group rides? Join the jump show and jam session before the official after race party!

On Saturday evening we will start the party with a spectacular show by Red Bull athletes Andreu Lacondeguy and Mads Haugen. Both gentlemen being known for their ability to throw in some of the most difficult tricks and massive jumps, this is a show not to be missed! Some local heroes can also been seen flying through the air.

Once the gravity pulls us back to the ground, it’s time to show your own aces up your sleeve. In the evening jams hosted by Motoriikka-Miikka speed, bike type and riding discipline matters nothing: this session is all about attitude and style! Join the fun and show us your slowest manual, springiest bunny-hop and bad-ass tricks for the chance to earn a special package for the official after race party!

Participating the evening jam session is free of charge and no registration needed.

Rudolf’s after race party

Lifts closing doesn’t mean it’s time to go to sleep! 

On Friday night we’ll have a hang-around lounge at restaurant Colorado located in the center of Ruka village. Hosted by Tom&Jimmy we will get tuned for the next day’s races while enjoying the best local recovery drinks. You can also come and meet the Rudolfs: Andreu Lacondeguy, Mads Haugen and Sasu Halme.

Saturday night at the restaurant Colorado will be kicked off with a prize ceremony where the fastest and luckiest racers will be handed some real nice trophies and products of our partners! Later that night live music will be played by a cover band and Tom&Jimmy will keep up the fun until the last call!

Rudolf's Revenge timetable

We reserve the right for changes.

Rudolf's Revenge is also in Ruka Event Calendar and in Facebook.

Expo area

In the center of Ruka village you can find an expo area with many bike brands presenting their products. Demo bikes can be tested and outlet-products found on very reasonable pricing.  We will publish a list of the exhibitors closer to the event!

Want to join as an exhibitor in Rudolf's Revenge? Contact: Jussi Saarinen, Event Producer, Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association,

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Funduro Cup goes Ruka 1.9.2019 - CANCELED

Funduro Cup is just what it sounds like - fun mtb-enduro racing! Laid back atmosphere and flowy trails will give you the race feel without the need to push it too hard. Funduro Cup’s fourth race is held at Ruka on the Rudolf’s Revenge weekend. The race tracks are open for practice during the entire weekend, while the actual race run will be timed on Sunday. There will be 5-6 different tracks, which will be ridden once or twice. Altogether 10-12 special stages, from which the total time spent will be calculated.

Funduro Cup goes Ruka