The Year of the Reindeer

Welcome to meet these genuine Lappish animals

A reindeer sleigh ride, lassoing a reindeer and learning the ancient traditions of reindeer husbandry are definitely something special. Reindeer and farm activities provide you a great insight into the life of people in Northern Finland. You get to join the action as well. You could even spot Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer!

Our Fun on Ruka slopes program includes meeting and feeding reindeer along Rudolf Adventure Route on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 16.30. Welcome!

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”Snow is my lifeblood. Reindeer roam free in summer, they’re on heat when the first snow falls and come home before snow covers the ground permanently. The training and work season for reindeer that pull a sledge is in the heart of winter.

In January there’s a lot of snow and most reindeer are at home already. Once we’ve fed the reindeer in the morning, we still go around the fir forests in the snowmobile to look for their missing peers. The day is short but incredibly beautiful. In spring when the snow has melted enough the reindeer are allowed out to summer pastures again."

Satu Palosaari, reindeer herder


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