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Ruka Holiday store
E.g., 13.12.2018
Ruka Holiday store
Summer in Ruka and Kuusamo is full of adventures. Rafting, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and lots of other activities are waiting for you!

Ruka Holiday store
Flight, train, bus...

Flight to Kuusamo or train to Oulu now under 130 € return.

Ruka Holiday store
Offers & Packages

Package deals and offers for the whole Ruka-Kuusamo area - book now!

Ruka Holiday store
Tickets to the best night clubs!

The top Finnish artists and the best party in the nights clubs of Ruka village.

Ruka Holiday store
Ski Passes
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Family ski pass: 30 % additional discount for the children!


Rafting and paddling in Kuusamo

In the summer, the white waters of Kuusamo roar loudly and the white, foam crested waves resemble small ice floes. The flowing water provides a unique opportunity for canoeing along the river or daringly shooting the fast falling rapids. Just be brave and sit in the large rubber raft!

Shooting the rapids on a rubber raft is an action-packed, unique experience. The rapids run the fastest in the beginning of the summer, but the thrilling speed can be experienced in the autumn as well. This sport, which is equally suitable for families and for groups composed of fellow-workers, strengthens team spirit. 

Routes for families as well as for the most coolheaded sportsmen

You can choose between several routes. The numerous safari organizers provide tranquil family outings to the rapids of the River Kitkajoki, which are suitable for children, as well as trips with extreme challenges in the form of shooting the demanding rapids of the River Kuusinkijoki. One of the easiest experiences is a route from Käylä to Juuma (family route) lasting 2 - 3 hours. The route from Juuma down to the frontier zone is definitely longer (5 - 6 hours) - and if you want to raft all the way from Käylä to the frontier zone, you will need a whole day. You can also choose the best part, i.e. the Juuma rapids, which take only 1 - 2 hours.

Safety comes first 

Each raft has a skipper who has passed a skipper's test and knows the routes well. The rafting package includes equipment (rubber boots, raincoat and -trousers, life vest, helmet and insurance) as well as coffee at the camp after the enjoyable rafting experience. You can combine rafting with river fishing and have a meal, if you want. 

Kuusamo - water wonderland!

Kuusamo has a total surface area of 799 km² of water. Water has always been a natural passage for moving from one place to another. Kuusamo's waters attract swimmers, canoeists, anglers and those who wish to spend their holidays in a lakeside cottage. A peaceful summer holiday in a cottage on one of Kuusamo's lakes provides a welcome alternative to the bustle of everyday life. 

Welcome onboard!

Kuusamo Safaris moottorikelkkailu
Family river rafting
Join the adventure of your lifetime!
30€ / Adult
Great Rapids Adventure
Welcome to join the adveture of a lifetime!
55€ / Person
River floating
River floating
Arctic experience like no other in a gently streaming river.
80€ / Person
river rafting_koskenlasku_Ruka Safaris_kesä_summer_kuusamo
River rafting adventure on a family route
Great adventure for beginners and families! Including transfers from Kuusamo or Ruka!
42€ / Adult
Koskenlaskuseikkailu_Ruka Safaris_Kuusamo_Kitkajoki_river rafting
River rafting adventure to the great rapids!
The best thing you can do rubber boots on!
69€ / Adult
Perhereitti Käylä- Juuma
River Rafting Family Route, Käylä–Juuma
Rafting skills and traditions allready in fifth generation.
38€ / Adult
Villi Reitti
River Rafting Wild Route
Fun and speed on big rapids!
58€ / Adult
Приключения на больших порогах
River rafting & Fishing adventure
We shoot the seven wonderful rapids and fish at Kitkajoki river.
115€ / Adult
Rukapalvelu seitsemän kosken perheseikkailu
Seven Rapids Adventure on River Kitka (Mon-Sat)
69€ / Person
Pitkä reitti Kitkajoki
Long river rafting at Oulanka National park.
90€ / Adult
River Rafting to the Russian Border
129€ / Person
Product name Price Duration Company Season
River floating Book online 80€ / Person 3 h 28.11.2018 - 31.05.2019

Canoeing in Kuusamo

The total length of classified lake and river canoeing routes in Kuusamo is about 350 km. Classified river waters include the Oulankajoki, Kitkajoki and Kuusinkijoki rivers and the upper course of the River Iijoki waterway. There are lake routes on the lakes Kitkajärvi, Kuusamojärvi, Muojärvi, Kiitämäjärvi, Kirpistöjärvi, and Suininkijärvi. Staying near the shore is recommended when paddling on the lakes. 

The scenic and easy route along the Oulankajoki River from Kiutaköngäs rapids downstream to the frontier zone and the upper course of the Iijoki River are both suitable for beginners, whereas the upper course of the Oulankajoki River as well as the Kuusinkijoki and Kitkajoki rivers are exciting routes for more experienced canoeists. 

Rukapalvelu melonta
Guided Canoeing Trip in Oulanka National Park (Mon-Sat)
95€ / Person
Stand Up Paddling in Oulanka National Park
This safari takes you in the Oulanka National Park, River Oulanka.
79€ / Person
Pedalo at Kaltiolampi Pond, Ruka-Kuusamo, Lapland, Finland
Pedal boats in Kaltiolampi!
Pedal boats in Kaltiolampi!
10€ /
Saunatour: SUP Fitness & Saunayoga
Nice combination of outdoor exercise and relaxation in 50 degrees celcius sauna.
25€ / Person
Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Basics
Stand on board and enjoy the excercise made in outdoors.
39€ / Person
Getting to know Oulanka National Park by canoeing
Opastettu, turvallinen melonta Oulankajoella.
495€ / Person
julma ölkky, ölkky, kanjonijärvi, hossan kansallispuisto, hossa, kansallispuisto, ruka, kuusamo, lappi, suomi
Julma Ölkky is part of the new Hossa National Park!
15€ / Adult
Kuusamo Safaris kanootti, melonta, kesä
50€ / Person
Stand up paddling, ruka, SUP, talvijärvi, suppailu, melonta, kesä, joki
SUP course Level 1
Koulutettu SUP-ohjaajamme neuvoo suppailun alkeet!
59€ / Person
Stand up paddling, oulanka, SUP, oulankajoki, suppailu, melonta, kesä, joki
Slow SUP Adventure close to Ruka Ski resort!
85€ / Person

Boating in Kuusamo

If you are not fascinated with rapids shooting or canoeing, you could still go boating! There are about 100 km of boating routes in Kuusamo. These routes can be found on the biggest lakes: Lakes Kitka, Kuusamo, and Muojärvi as well as Lakes Kiitämä, Kirpistö and Suininki. The routes are marked along the waterway with cairns and signs. Furthermore, the routes are marked on separate boating maps and topographic maps of Maanmittauslaitos (the National Land Survey of Finland). 

You can find two fishing ports in Kuusamo: Ala-Kitka and Sossonniemi as well as in Mourusalmi on the Posio side. On the shores of waterways there are boat harbours, boatcoves and anchorages. There is a possibility for cruising in a kirkkovene (i.e. church boat*) as well, also for rowing a church boat privately. Boating equipment and accessories can be rented from safari organizers.

*) A church boat? What is it?
In many parts of Finland (in the Lakeland and on the coast) boats have traditionally been more important means of transportation than carts drawn by horses. Church boats, often holding as many as 20 people, used to cross large expanses of open water providing the most convenient means for going to church.  Church boats were also the fastest means of transport as distances were long and roads non-existing. The earliest records of church boats are from the seventeenth century.