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Ski School Private lessons

We provide instruction and coaching at all skill levels in skiing, snowboarding, Telemarking, cross-country skiing and adaptive skiing. We guarantee that you will improve your skills, as well as ensure that you will have a great time. Private lessons are tailored to your ability, specific interests and needs, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate/advanced level skier, or just want to have some freestyle fun!

You will definitely find the best learning package from our private lessons in one-to-one instruction or in a unique teaching experience in a group with your family or friends. 

While you are at Ruka, take advantage of our professional instructors know-how and book a lesson! Prices for private lessons are available on our Ski School price list! Take a look at your own skiing/snowboarding/telemarking/cross-country skiing skill level from here and the booking process will be even easier!


Our professional and experienced instructors are ready to help You to improve your skills. We make learning safe and inspiring. Learn more of the skill levels of each sport and book Your lessons!

Has it been a while since Your last time on skis? Are the new skis looking weird? Return to Skiing is easy and safe with a ski instructor. At the same time it is a great way to make Yourself familiar with the ”new” carving skis and the technique.

Spice up Your skiing! Want to have a little air under your skis or maybe balance on a rail? Are you not quite sure how to begin freestyle? Jumps and rails are much easier to conquer with a professional instructor.

Half-pipe is not just for the wild ones! It is a perfect spot to get familiar with skiing or snowboarding rhythm and body control. Jumping, turning and landing are good exercises for both skiers and snowboarders. Our instructors will open a new and exciting world for you to enjoy!

Get extra kick for your skating skiing! Instructor will focus on skating skiing rhythm, developing one-and two kicks skating technique and different up-hill rising techniques. Finding the right rhythm guarantees a smooth skating ski experience. Recommended duration of lesson is 1h40min.

VIDEO-CLINIC (recommended 1h40min)
Video-clinic shows Your strengths and areas to develop. Lesson will focus on developing your skills and You can see the results from a TV-screen. Seeing Your performance makes learning much easier! After seeing the videos the instructor will give the final tips to help improve Your skills. Video-clinic is suitable for development of advanced levels of skiing, snowboarding, telemark and cross-country skiing.

Ski School Ruka offers professional Alpine Ski and race training sessions. Training is suitable for active ski racers, hobby racers, skiing enthusiasts and business groups of all skill levels. Race skiing training session with Ski School Ruka is a great way of boosting the interaction and team spirit of your team in an atmosphere that is fun and athletic. Read more!

BEGINNER`S OFFER PACKAGE! Offer is valid: 10.10.-23.12.2016 / 9.1.-12.2.2017 / 20.3.-12.4.2017 / 17.4.-7.5.2017
First-timers can now experience skiing and snowboarding for a bargain price! When purchasing a beginners first-time private lesson or Intro Courses (30min/50min/1h40min/2h40min), you will receive 50% off 3-hours rental equipment from Piste's and Vuosseli's rental shops. The offer includes ski/snowboard boots, skis + ski poles/snowboard and a helmet for children. Lessons will begin at the free-of-charge beginner slopes, where no ski pass is required. Your Ski/Snowboard instructor will specify the need for a ski pass for the next lesson(s). The best time to try skiing or snowboarding is now!

This offer is only available from the ski school counter and must be paid before renting the equipment and prior to starting the lesson. This offer is only valid once, when a first-timer lesson is booked.