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Pohjolan Pirtti

First stories from Pohjola estate date back to 1686, when our ancestors settled in Vuotunki amongst the first pilgrims who arrived to the village. The estate is nowdays owned by the 11th and the 12th generations of the family. We proudly cherish our traditions as well as our family history to this day and we would love to share them with you!

Private restaurant

Our private restaurant is located in our 100 year old main building, that also served as a guesthouse in the old days. We offer delicious home cooked meals, made with local ingredients and wild food. Our dining room is suitable for up to 50 guests at once.


The legends tell, that the first building our ancestor Olli Pohjalainen built on this land was a smoke sauna. Today over 300 years later, old sauna traditions are still alive and well in Pohjolan Pirtti saunas.